Monday, May 21, 2012

Difficulty settings and options?

So far we implemented the basic hentai attacks for the Paperheads.
There are more to come, but not for the beta-demo version.
(there are more than enough for now)

Currently I'm thinking about the difficulty/balancing, the difficulty options, as well as the options themselves.
While I come up with quite a lot of possible solutions for a difficulty system.
I still have no great idea what to place into the options section?

Window mode and fullscreen are at least one option I should place there.
But in fact, F4 is the standard button for this...
So it's kinda pointless doing an option menu just for this.

Otherwise I could place the difficulty settings into the option menu?
Maybe I should try looking into the keymapping stuff.
So people could customize their controls?
But I've no idea how much time this would cost me, implementing this.

Yeah, I guess I'll take a look into it.
After that I can still decide wether to implement it this week or not.

Currently we are also working on the backgrounds.
We want to be "ready" for Saturday, then do some final testing and balancing.
After that we'll finally release the beta-demo version.
(So yeah, it'll be 100%ly available at the end of may)

Oh, and I thought it would be better if I concentrate on the game itself first.
So we included just a few CG scenes, and we included no text for the CGs so far.
(we will cover this in one of the next demo releases)
The game needs to be tested in order to get rid of bugs (there are sometimes some).
But CGs and text is much easier to be corrected or altered.
So they have a lesser priority during our main developement phase.
(we occasionally do some, but I guess most of them will be done in july)

So, that's all for now.
I hope you all look forward to the release of the demo.
There are just a few days left after all ^^



  1. Can safely say I follow Kyrieru posts closely and just for the characters, am now watching you haha. Look forward to what you got in store for us and good luck with it :D

  2. Keymapping would be nice, but if it's too much trouble then I don't think people would mind.
    Something that could also be helpful is volume control, preferably a separate one for music and sound effects, but again it's up to you if it's too much trouble to implement.

  3. I just made a big post about options and then I lost it :(. So to sum it up. Maybe volume controls, custom keymapping, difficulty, erase all data, and put fullscreen since not everyone knows of the F4 button. But really the options screen isn't that important. I've seen some games with only two options.

    Maybe if your going to implement a zoom when she gets raped allow that to be an option as well.

    Can't wait to see what you guys did. Being following from March just never could post till I made some account.

  4. Ah, that happens sometimes to me, too ><
    Losing long posts is frustrating, yes... but it won't keep me from typing it again lol

    Anyway, regarding the "options" part, I'll try my best.
    It looks like I might have to do it after the beta-demo release.
    I just got the CG gallery working.
    Guess I'll attend the difficulty system next.
    And after that I'll finally have to do the tutorial.
    (the tutorial is just pictures and text... but I think it's really important)

    So I guess, the options will have to wait a bit.
    And I got to see what I'm willing to implement.

    I think I'll include:
    - fullscreen
    - erase all data
    - difficulty

    And if I can handle it within time, I'll try the volume control and maybe custom keymapping.
    (but as already mentioned, I can't do that in time for the beta-demo release, what I mean by "in time" is our general time limit... we can't afford to work on this game forever)

    Custom keymapping just has one little downside.
    Since we're building in visualisation, I mean, buttons that pop up (or lets say, graphics that represent buttons you have to press).
    It will lead to confusion, if you customized the controls.

    So we would either have to skip on the visualisation.
    Or we would leave out the customizable controls.
    Another solution would be... to implement an option to disable visualisation.

    Hmmm... yeah.
    I guess I'll do it in this order.
    (volume control and key mapping with less priority than the rest)
    Since there is no background music yet, volume control isn't that important right now.
    There are just sound effects and voice right now.
    And I guess, it's good enough to seperate background music from the rest of the sounds?

  5. Hey, if you don't want to implement an options section how about letting the player choose the difficulty, right after selecting a new game?

    So the player selects "new game", and then "easy", "medium", and "hard" are given as choices, and the player can choose which difficulty they want.

    Even Kurovadis took this approach. =)

  6. I already implemented the stuff I mentioned above.
    But yeah, I thought about setting the difficulty when starting the game.
    With the way I did it now, the player can switch the difficulty if it's too hard to progress.

    You just have to save the game, then quit, go to the options menu.
    There you'll select a different difficulty, and when you load the game, you'll be able to continue, just with a different difficulty.

    Since it all works out so far, I'll do all the other stuff I wanted to have ready for the demo.
    (options, difficulty and CG gallery are working, though I only placed 3 CGs into the game so far.... without any variations in them... but this has to do it for now)

    So it's time to improve the background.
    Input 1-3 small events.
    Doing a tutorial with screenshots and text.
    Balance the gameplay some more.
    And doing some final bugfixing.
    (I always fix bugs as soon as I see them, but you know... you add one thing... and sometimes one bug comes along with it)

    I also must admit, that I'm getting a bit nervous xD
    But that's the way life goes ^^