Monday, May 28, 2012

Paperheads demo out now!

I just wanted to point out:
Please read the tutorial (at least the controls and the Grab-System) before you start out.
Even if you don't read it throughly, please at least look at the screenshots.

[Paperheads] Tutorial

If you have any questions, please read the tutorial first.
It took me quite some time to type all that text, and it should cover most questions.
If it's not in the tutorial, I'll answer it of course.

Here is the link to the demo:
(please link to this blog directly, so people can read the tutorial and information themselves)

Paperheads beta v1

Some additional information on the demo:

This games purpose is to be a hentai game.
Which means, the Grab-System is the focus, not the beat'em up parts.
(I already stated that when I began this project)
The beat'em up part is just an addition to spice it up a bit.
Because the Grab-System alone would be a bit boring.
But keep in mind, this is no beat'em up with hentai... it's a hentai game with beat'em up elements.

The tutorial function is not ingame right now.
Due to several reasons.
(the interface isn't 100%ly complete yet, we want to chance the picture of Verdanis face in the future)
When I implement it, I'll implement more pictures, less text.
And I mean reaaaally by far "less text".

The game works as planned, and I don't want to do any major changes in the controls part.
I know that people wish for customizable controls, but to be honest, I kinda failed at that.
I tried it for about 2 days (up to 8 hours a day) but whatever I tried, it was no use...
Somehow the system wasn't able to detect all keys, and there where lots of other issues.
So I dropped this... I'm very sorry, but it seems that it's more than I can handle.
(I'm using game maker, by the way)

I also tried several scripts and guides, but it was no use at all.
So I'm very sorry, but I can't change the fact that I'm incapable of implementing it.

Regarding the CGs and text:

I just wanted to point out, that we are by far not there, where we want to be.
Regarding the CGs and CG scenes.
We will implement a lot more CGs in the future.
So every enemy type will get at least 3 different CG scenes.
Also, currently most scenes just have 1 picture, we will change this and build in variation when the time has come.
But not now.
I just implemented one scene with several different variations in the pictures.
And even here, I didn't implement all the pictures yet.
(I also cut down the text of that scene, so... to match the text, I also cut down on the pictures)

I'm talking about the tentacle scene, yes.
And I'll include the full scene, with all pictures, into the final version.
It's currently the only scene with several pictures, and I don't want the other scenes to look pale compared to that.
(doing variations into a CG scene is a whole lot of work... so we have to take our time for this)

The text for all the scenes should be fine.
Except the tentacle scene, that one will get a pretty much longer text, as already stated.

For future reference:
- CG scenes should have only about 3-5 different variations (there will be exceptions that will be much longer)
- CG scenes will have about 10-20 text-blocks (there will also be exceptions that are longer)
- every enemy type will get at least 3 CG's
(Bosses might get 2 CG's only, because you might not want to lose to them all the time)
- there will also be "good" CG's in the future, when you complete a stage etc.

What we will add in the future:

- more CG's
- CG variations
- Boss battles (with own Grab-System attacks/animations)
- we will complete the sewer stage (currently it's only about 30-40% done)
- we will add 2 more stages (subway & harbor)
- we will add 2 more enemy types and several subtypes for the Paperheads.
- in total there will be 3 bosses to fight
- there will be voice for the Paperheads
- 2 Paperheads should be able to grab Verdani

...and some more stuff, but I'll cover that in one of my next posts.

Regarding the Grab-System and our next game:

(after we finished the Paperheads game, which will be hopefully at the end of july)

I thought about simplyfing the Grab-System a bit.
Also there will be no pleasure meter in the Wolfenstahl game.
Roughly spoken, it will still be the same system.
Just several parts that are not needed will be cut out.
(all the "pleasure" relating stuff etc.)

Since the Wolfenstahl game will be a Megaman clone, you won't be grabbed too often.
(since you can shoot and all)
And of course, we will focus much more on non hentai content (gameplay) in the Wolfenstahl game.
(I even want to completely leave the Grab-System out of boss battles, since it would spoil the megaman-like feeling... and least out of the boss battles with the regular bosses)
But... lets talk about that stuff, when the time has come.
I just felt, that I should mention this at least.

Thanks for reading!
And have fun playing the game.


If you have read the tutorial while I was writing this article, please take another look at the arrangement.
I added 2 categorys while writing this article ^^"
It's not that important, but I could be interesting.
(I didn't touch the text that was already written, so you don't have to read it all again, just the new parts)

Those are:

3.2 Grab-System additional information
5. Difficulty System

I'm really tired now...
Time to go to bed, good night and have fun testing the demo everyone! ^^


  1. The only problem I've been having so far... is I can't seem how to get up to this door, shown here:

    Gotten 3 of the 4 CGs, and this is the only way I can't seem to go. I've tried jumping up, but I can't and in the prior screen I couldn't find out how to get on the ledge...

  2. Good news! Fun demo coming ^^ !

  3. Hey, I didn't know about this project till it showed up on Any chance that I can somehow help you out on this project? I don't think I can contribute financially, but I might be able to help out on the minor stuff.

  4. First piece of advice, switch running to double tapping (and then holding) a direction, rather than holding down a specific key. As it is now, I think there are too many buttons being used. Not only that, but on many keyboards you can't press many keys at once, so trying to run, jump, and then move vertically wouldn't work. In general it's a good idea to avoid having situations where more then 2 keys are held at once.

    Also, what's the frame rate? It feels a bit slow. If it's not already running at 60, you should try and see how it looks. (would would have to adjust animations, of course.)

    I also noticed with the punch animation that she jumps forward a couple pixels, rather than moving forward over the course of multiple steps. It's a bit weird to see the view jump forward like that.

  5. Overall, I do want to say I really like it; however, it is alot easier to point out issues. I do want to state upfront I really like the demo, and the grab system is interesting once you get used to it.

    First, agree with Kyrieru. Right now too many buttons are in use, and every time I move my hand to try and use a seduce or such, I tend to move my hand back to a ZXC, causing me to mess up.

    Because when you break out of a grab is slightly random, you are not always ready when it happens. Instead of feeling good that you broke out early, you tend to be surprised, and take a hit or two from the enemies because you were not ready to move/attack. This makes what should be a 'good' event feel annoying, especially when there are multiple enemies and you suddenly lose half your health bar. I would suggest when the grab phase is broken, you are temporarily immune to damage/grabs.

    At least for a lower difficulty, I think stamina and health regeneration needs to be higher. When you are dealing with 3+ or enemies on a single screen, you tend to run out of stamina fast. When you’re out of stamina, you can’t really do much but slash attack (since you lose running, special attacks, and jumping), which when dealing with many enemies tends to end up with you dead. Alternatively, if running took less stamina, you could retreat for a little bit without killing all your methods of attack. Health regen is really slow unless you are resisting, which actually makes getting grabbed an appealing option. I think this is intended, but it still feels slightly odd to get grabbed by the tentacle beast as a method of healing (Tentacle beast damage also seems oddly low compared to paperheads for grab/hentai events).

    Only other issue is sometimes a ‘success’ does not seem to pop up sometimes.

    I hope this is helpful.

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