Friday, June 1, 2012

upcoming improvements

First of all one thing that several people mentioned:
"2 or more Paperheads can't be hit at once"
The running slash attack should be able to do that.
I won't "fix" that because it's actually not broken, and it's the only purpose of the running slash attack.
(it's only good against several opponents, against single enemies it's pretty much useless)

After reading all the comments, oppinions and suggestions on several boards/forums, I finally made my mind up.
I won't respond to every question/suggestion, because I think this blog post should say everything.
(and it would be a bit too much work to respond to everything right now)

What we will change:
- double tapping for running (but the V key will still be there for running too)
- changig framerate from 30 to 60 fps (several game devs suggested that to me)
- cumming animations
- Paperhead grab delay of 2-3 seconds (after breaking free of a grab)
- less stamina loss when running
- less enemies on "easy mode"
- savepoint heals fully (HP and stamina)
- several minor bugfixes

I'll also implement some new areas and at least one more maze/riddle with a CG scene for it.
And if we can make it, we'll complete the animations for the Paperheads. (still some missing)
At least that's what we are aiming for for the next release.
It's just a small amount of "more content" yes, but this is because all those fixes, rebalancing etc.
(especially the change from 30 to 60 fps, because all the timers, animations etc. have to be adjusted)
It all takes at least one week, because we have to test it all throughly so no new bugs happen.

I know, it's a lot of work, so in order to fix all that and to implement some new contend.
I would say that the next demo release is scheduled for about 2 weeks from now on.
I'm not at home for about 5 days next week, so... maybe it could take a bit longer.
(if something bad happens, maybe 3 weeks from now on)

Whatever, sometimes you have to make adjustments.
Though they are taking quite some time, but I intend for our first game, do be at least a "good" game.
(I mean, it won't be perfect I guess, but it shouldn't be crap either)
I think these adjustments are really necessary and I hope they'll satisfy most people ^^

For all the people whose suggestions have been kinda declined.
Please don't be disencouraged and please comment further on.
I just can't add "everything" to the game, because it has to be "done" someday.
(and the more content a game has, the longer the developement takes, and the higher the risk that it won't be finished ever etc.)
Also there are some things that I just don't want to add, due to several reasons.
(for example I don't want the player to be able to run through "all" areas, I think sometimes you just have to fight, the game would be a bit too easy, if running through all the time would be possible)

It's hard to add more animations or more sprites for each animation, because the resolution is way to high... this means, doing a "new" sprite, or even a whole animation takes up way too much time.
(we need around 3-5 days to implement a new enemy type, because of the sheer amount of animations that have to be done)
We still have to do a lot of animation work.
So I guess a climaxing animation is the only thing we could "add".
(no staying cumshots, no clothing destruction (Wolfenstahl game will have clothing destruction though))

It's hard to find a middle ground, but I guess this changes should take care of most things.
So, lets hope for the future that everything works out well.



  1. Hey, would it be possible to duplicate left, right, up and down on the A, D, W, S keys?

    The current grab system requires two hands...defeating the point of this game. ;[

  2. I do have one suggestion. When the heroine's Hp reaches zero in the grab system, when the press enter to continue comes up, perhaps there should be a change in the animations, like Verdani being exhausted and getting ravished and such, perhaps stripped as well. Currently, besides the message or looking at the bar, its exactly as if you were still playing the grab system game. This would be more animation work fo course, which is a lot.

    On the other hand, you can extend the grab system into a game over phase where the heroine continues to struggle in vain and just like in the regular grab system we get about 3 H attack animations, there are 3 different rape animations. Heck the animations from the ones above would work kinda.