Sunday, June 24, 2012

a bit behind schedule

Well, things weren't going that fluent the past days.
I needed more time to get one of the Paperhead subtypes to work.
And in general we want to implement some more stuff.

So what we want to add now is:
A better looking interface/HUD.
(the old one seems to huge... and somehow out of place)
And we want to add some nice addition to the HUD that takes up some more time to implement.
(you'll understand why, when you've seen it)

We also want to change or add some small details here and there.
So yeah... all that small stuff takes up quite some time.
But at least you'll notice some large changes on the next update.

I guess it's better that way.
Because everyone will be able to see, what we're going to aim for with this game.
(comparing the old version with the new one)

So, stay tuned and prepare for some (hopefully) good surprise.
I hope that we will be able to do it before thuesday.


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