Wednesday, June 27, 2012

another delay

Well, things really aren't working out as planned lately.
So we need a few more days for the next beta demo release.
Especially because I'm away for two days.
Which means I'll be only able to work on the game again on saturday.

I still have to implement the new CGs and events for them.
So I need at least 2 days.

But yeah, the good thing is, I feel like the game content has been doubled.
The stage is much longer now, there are some new animations and CGs.
And some new events.

To compensate a bit for letting you all wait, here is a draft for one of the new CGs:



  1. swasdi think paperheads/tetacles will rape Verdani
    he dont like this :) i just said you, a little bit more
    tears/sobing/pain/in Verdani s face must be placed :) but good cg :)
    i dont know whats your plan with the ingame rape animations but i say do a little bit detailed
    or maybe a zoomed animation for penetration :)
    and if paperheads take player down and chain him
    if player dont do anything u can do another rape animation he is chained and rape in front :) i hope i can help u :)) if u dont intresiert
    just delete or answer thanks

  2. How about make her face or pose "more sad and scared"?
    thats not looks like "rape"

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You will make "whip weapon enemy"?
    I think "whip paper head" can be slave trainer for verdani

  5. i really like this game
    cheer up!