Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Status Update

I've just seen that I haven't updated my blog the last days.
So I thought I just throw in some quick status report.

Well, the 60 FPS change is already done, and it's running.
I guess it was a success and it took care of the "sluggish gameplay", that many people complained about.
I also did some minor bug-fixes.

Here's a quick list:
- Double tapping for running
- Paperhead grab "delay" 3 sec
- Cumming Animations
- Change Framerate from 30 to 60
- Savepoint heals fully (HP and stamina)
- Less Enemies on easy mode (about 15-30% less enemies)

You can still run while holding down the V-Button.
But you can run now when pressing twice into the same direction.
(I left both options ingame)

I also did some rebalancing with the stamina system.
Running needs now less stamina, and it's slightly faster than before.
While kicking needs a bit more stamina.
So kicking through a whole area isn't always possible now.
Sometimes you just have to slash at enemies, then kick your way out again.

I also added multi-grabs for the Paperheads.
(2 Paperheads can grab Verdani now at once)

So what do we want to add for the next demo release?

We still want to add:
- 2 or 3 new CG scenes
- 2 Paperhead subtypes (variety to the enemies!)
- 1 new task/event/riddle you'll have to solve
(again, it will be a bit simple, but I'll do harder stuff the further you progress)
- some new areas (the stage will get more rooms)

I hope we get this done till the end of the week.
So stay tuned, the next beta-demo version is close by.
And it will be heavily improved, while bringing along some new content!
(or at least that's what I feel, when I look at the past 3 weeks... I think it's really a whole lot better now)


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