Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everything's coming along nicely

Well, a small status report once in a while doesn't hurt.
The menu works now as intended, options etc. that is.
The tutorial option still has no function, but I'll work on it tomorrow or on saturday.
(it's just screenshots with text and explanation anyway)

I'm still adding details to the backgrounds, and yeah, it takes a bit longer than expected.
But this isn't really a problem, it's just a matter of time.

For tomorrow I'm aiming to do:
- 2 simple events for the game
- one new CG
- some more testing, balancing and bug fixing
- as well as placing enemies into the different areas
- adding again some more details to the backgrounds

To tell you something about the events:
One event needs to be completed in order to proceed, while the other event is just an instant game over scene.
I might add some text to only this one game over scene, if I have the time left to do so.
(since it's really just a "dead end", but if you want to unlock the CG, you'll have to go there at least once)
Of course later all CG scenes get text.
But as mentioned earlier, I can't make it in time for the beta-demo.

There will be more events like this, the more we complete the game.
I mean: events that you need to accomplish to proceed, as well as events where you get a game over.
I won't share the CG to it before the demo release, since there should be at least some surprises.
So there will only be 4 CG's in this beta-demo version.
3 of them where already shown here on the blog.
(1 was just a draft, 1 was only a small portion of the CG, and the last one was completely shown)

But of course we will add more to the game later.
We aim to make about 30-40 different CGs (or lets say, CG scenes).
Most of them will be done in july, and of course we won't show all of them here.
(there have to be some good surprises and secrets left to uncover, right?)

So after I completed my goals for tomorrow, I'll see what's left to do for the weekend.
I guess it'll be mainly testing, balancing and bugfixing.
Maybe adding some minor details and stuff.
But I want to have it all done on saturday night.
So on sunday (and maybe monday) some (selected) people can test the game.
After that I guess, most bugs should be taken care of.
And yes, if everything goes well, the demo will be available on thuesday or wednesday.

That's all for now.
Time to get some sleep.



  1. damn. you're hard at work.
    How can I be "selected"? I love testing games!! :D good luck on this. looking forward to the beta demo

  2. Can't wait til tuesday to finally see this in action.

  3. Since I currently have no job, I'm trying my best to do something worthwhile with the time I have.
    (in fact I can't do my old job anymore (because of some stupid allergy) and I'm currently looking for a new job in a different branch, without any high hopes... so I'm investing all my free time into this project... better than sitting around doing nothing)

    Regarding the "selected" people:
    So far most of the people I selected for testing are from my old team, back in the days where I used to be a GM (GM = game master, in my case: head of the community support division) from a certain game.

    To keep it short, I met a whole bunch of anime and hentai lovers, so I found several people who qualified to test the game.

    But now that I think about it... I guess I could need some more english and especially japanese testers, for future "non official" demo testing.
    At least the japanese people are important, once a friend of mine translated parts of the game into japanese.
    And the english native speakers once I implemented text for the CG scenes.
    (I remember that you had asked me about this before ^^ I mean, test reading of the CG scenes, etc.)