Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tentacles incoming!

Based on the stuff we did so far, I guess we can proceed to the hentai-content.
This means the Grab-System, as well as some other little additions.
I should cover in my next blogpost some details on "what's different than originally planned".

Since our artist took some time in animating all the stuff, I kinda programmed more than planned.
So the time wasn't wasted, and it should add something to the overall gaming experience.
As you can see in some screenshots, I did a 3D-like platform system.
I must admit that it's not 100%ly perfect... there had been some issues, but I found some solution to solve it.
Overall it improved the game quite a bit, and it offers some special options and gameplay style.
I thought about adding a subway stage later in the game.
And with the stuff I already programmed it's rather easy to set this up.
I guess it's best to explain this a bit more based on screenshots when the demo release is near.
Just words won't do it, it's too hard to explain.

We will also start animating the tentacle stuff now.
It might also be the first stuff to be used in the Grab-System.
Anyway, I'm going to bed now and I'll write a report on what's different in my next blogpost.


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