Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tentacle Monster done

A few days ago we've done all the animations for the tentacle monster.
As stated before, we will only implement a small number of enemies.
But therefore they'll have lots of different hentai-attacks and animations.
(I also plan on implementing some subtypes of enemies, they'll be pretty similar to others, but may have some different special attacks or hentai-attacks)

The Grab-System is already done, as well as the continue system.
(where you have to struggle in order to be able to continue, before the enemy comes to the heroine)
Oh yes, and the whole Grab-System, continue stuff and everything "ingame" regarding the tentacle monster has already been implemented.
(the only thing that has to be done is the overall CG stuff for the tentacle monster, there is just one CG currently done, today we'll do the variations in this CG scene, and in the future we'll add at least 2 more scenes for it)

Here's a picture of the animations:

You'll find more "new" sprite excerpts in our game description section:
Game Information [Sprites / CG's]

I also updated the Game Information section overall.
I may have forgotten to edit something, but at least I reworked the most certain part.

Anway, I'll have to take screenshots of the Grab-System and write a tutorial for it in the upcoming week.
Currently we are finishing some other spriteworks, just occasionally doing CG's.
(in fact we haven't done that much CG's during the past month, we focused on setting the game up)

Here's a little reward for being so patient:

This will be one of the possible CG scenes when losing against Chao.
(yes he's wearing a tuxedo in this game... and cool sunglasses)
And yes, Verdani is already "broken" in this scene.

I guess I wrote enough stuff.
I'll better get back to working on the game.
It's not long before the end of may, so stay tuned!



  1. Seems everything is coming along very nicely!

    And a tuxedo huh? Classy.

  2. That good news. Wait to see the demo in action Paperheads.