Thursday, June 5, 2014

More screenshots! yay

Originally I wanted to do this blogpost way earlier, but there was lots of stuff going on the last days.
Well, at least I got to work on the game.
Though I wasn't able to implement an enemy yet.
(yeah the zombie graphics are done for some time now, but I kept programming other stuff the last days)

On top of that, I'm currently practising to animate CGs.
So maybe in the upcoming days there's something to show you guys (and girls).

Anyway, here are the screenshots:

Please keep in mind, that this is NOT representative of the quality of the final product.

There's like a ton of stuff that still needs to be improved.
Here and there are small pixel mistakes, and the whole atmosphere needs to be a lot darker.
Details are missing, things to jump and stand on... and so on and so forth.
(maybe even a bit water in the sewers)
So yeah... a LOT of stuff that still needs to be done.

Why I'm showing you the screens?
Well, it's kinda some sort of "progress report", and other than that, I wanted to talk about the initial gameplay itself.

While it's clear that it has some rogue-lite elements (like permadeath and random stuff, as well as unlockable stuff etc.) it's also a fighting game.
And yeah, it has some minor platformer elements too.

I posted those screens, so it might be easier to understand where this game is going.
As you can see, it's pretty much a flat surface, I mean the playing-field itself.
But it's not as boring as that might sound, as you can always choose to jump on things to get a height advantage or escape a horde of zombies for a brief moment (maybe to kill some foes in the air or to wait until your MP recovered a bit to use that super-move you just found).

You can also choose to jump down into the sewers, but there will be monsters too.
Also there could be some traps, or environmental dangers, like fire, electricity or something else.
In any case, you'll need to use those "platforms" to your advantage, or to move around more effectively, as well as to dodge stuff or avoid enemies for the time being.
That's what I meant when I talked about "minor platforming".

In theory you could beat the game without any platforming skills at all.
But being able to jump from one streetlamp to the next (via dashing skill etc.), you can actually use the height advantage to win a battle more easily.
Obviously, there will be flying enemies, as well as shooting enemies, and enemies that can jump themselves.
So... yeah... depending on the enemies, you're not always "safe" up there.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Hopefully next time I do screenshots, I'll have some enemies and combat in the game, so I can take some screenshots of that.
(as I said, we're working on doing a full animated CG right now, so "maybe" that's the next thing I'll present you)


  1. Okay so from what I'm hearing there will be ground enemies, flyers, and maybe others, so basically a nice pallet o' enemies, which leads me to the question of our heroines abilities, she will obviously have melee attacks, but will she have ranged and AOE attacks? Thanks for showing yet another screen of this promising project.

    1. You're welcome!
      Yes, additionally to melee attacks, she will have ranged as well as AoE attacks.
      Some attacks will be unlocked via skill-orbs that you can find in the game.
      I'll write a more detailed blogpost about this issue tomorrow.