Friday, November 2, 2012

patches and rebalance

it will still take some time until the final demo-version will be out.

but to inform you about the future changes:
(we are currently working on these)

- short tutorial implemented
- arrows show the direction you should go to
- indicator that shows "Fight!" when you need to kill all enemies
- GRAB-System now has an "easy mode" which makes it easy enough for everyone to escape
- enemies have less HP now
- Boss implemented
- all CG's have been improved + some new CG's

this should make the game overall more enjoyable.
since the difficulty decreases quite a lot.
(you can still change it into the harder modes on the options menu if you like)
soon the new demo will be out, so stay tuned!



  1. Hello,
    I just want to tell you that the game is awesome. The art is fantastic and the whole game idea is amazing. I can't way to see the next demo. Regards.
    P.S. Are you going to make other playable characters? *cough* Shiwa

  2. hey,
    thanks for the status update. cant wait for the demo release.

  3. Okay, I just tried playing this game, and god damn it, please disable enemy spawns! I spent twenty minutes in one room fighting the same 3 enemies over and over again because they constantly re-spawned and I could not leave the room until all the enemies were defeated.

    If it is by design that 30+ enemies are suppose to be killed in one room before you are allowed to continue, please change your design. Lots of enemies + grapple system is basically unplayable.

    Please, please, for the love of God, no new enemies beyond one wave (or for boss fights were the boss is suppose to be supported), ever!

    1. I made a lot of changes to the game since the last beta demo.
      and yes, the room you're reffering too has aproximately ~20 enemies in it.
      (depends on chosen difficulty)
      the number of enemies can be reduced by killing enemies in other rooms, and it's more or less the most difficult area in the game.
      (everywhere else it's pretty easy to get trough I think)

      I'm currently modifying a few things and testing the balance.
      but I guess the completed demo should be online before this weekend.
      (can't promise this for certain, but I'll try my best to get it done, bug-free if possible)

      well, to name only a few changes:
      - Paperheads have less HP
      - Grab-Mode is considerably easier now (switch in options menu)

    2. The main reason that I didn't like that room is because it was so monotonous. The enemies never seemed to stop respawning, so I just avoided fighting them whenever possible because it was boring and often dealt what felt like unavoidable damage due to how easy it was for enemies to start grapples. Once a grapple was going it generally wasn't a problem to deal with it after I'd read the tutorial, but dealing with so many of them gets old fast.

      The biggest reason that grapples felt unfair is because they're started basically instantly. If you're thrown into step one of the grapple, you really don't have a chance to adjust and enter in the direction code to break free since you don't know it is coming. If you're put into stages two, this often happened to me while I was hitting the c button to attack, causing an instant fail and starting my character taking damage.

      I suggest two changes to avoid a lot of frustration. One, add a small time delay that gives the player a chance to realize that they've been grappled and can get ready to deal with the change in gameplay mechanics. Two, make sure the timing sensitive defense button isn't something that the player would be hitting during the regular gameplay to avoid accidental misses on the defense.

  4. yay for this weekend release!!!
    any new enemy other than boss? or new area?