Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry christmas 2015

All the stressful events made me totally forget to mention that we've been interviewed:
[click here to read the interview]

Merry christmas everyone!
We hope you're enjoying the holidays and have a good time.

Faye baked some christmas cookies!

This year had been quite eventful, and a LOT of bad stuff happened, but also a couple good things.
Probably I'll do a blogpost about this at the end of the year, to sum everything up.
However, for the time being, lets focus on the last couple weeks.

First of all, shortly after the last blogpost our composer disappeared.
We tried contacting him several times, but we haven't heard back from him yet.

And after that, things got even worse.
Cres had some trouble with her family, and got kicked out in the process.
She also decided it's best to break contact with her family, since things really went out of hand.
But don't worry, everything is fine, we managed to sort things out, and have a place to stay at.
Hopefully in a couple days when the dust settles, we're able to get back to being productive again.

Ah yes, and of course we've been able to continue with the webcomic and other stuff.
I mean, despite all of this chaos, we've managed to get the important (or rather "paid") things done.
But I hope I've been able to explain why progress on our games had been so slow lately.

On a side note:
We currently get an "excess" of around 100 $ to 150 $ via Patreon per month.
100 $ equals about 1 work day (Artworks only, and yes, we're quite... I'd say "efficient" with money) and a new enemy for LDH requires around 3 work days (Artworks only).
So... all I wanted to say is... even if we're slower than we've been before, I hope it's understandable.

Also DA had been released on Patreon, but it's Pre-Alpha, kinda like a prototype with barely any content. And we're thinking about remaking it from scratch as the graphics are more than a year old.
I would NOT suggest you support us on Patreon because of DA at this point, unless you really want to. Currently there isn't enough content yet.
And it will most likely take a lot more time to get there.

This explains the silence on the blog the last couple weeks.
At any rate, I'll write more about the events of 2015 in an upcoming blogpost.


  1. Good luck cres *sends happiness*
    thank you wolf and cres merry christmas for you ;)

  2. Hope you had pleasant holidays. Thank you for all the foxy Faye goodness.

    1. The holidays were okay, the start of the new year was good!
      Thank you very much, and yes, Faye is awesome, glad you like her!

  3. Sorry but this whole thing pisses me off. You make good characters and story and then turn it into a hebtai game? Where all the girls get fucked? Just remove the hentai part and it would be a fantastic series. You'd get more views and it may become popular if so. Dont waste time and money on a damn hentai game what's the point? Turn it into an actual game, a real series not a series for fan service or for pervs its ridiculous. I love all these characters so much that I believe they deserve better. These characters caught my attention. But shouldn't these girls be in a REAL game? Not always fucked? C'mon bro. Makes me sick to my stomach seeing dudes creating crap like this. Women aren't sex toys or objects. Just remove the hentai and this series and game will be kick ass and awesome and will be even more popular, trust me.