Friday, October 9, 2015

Results of 2nd character popularity poll

First of all, the results of the 2nd character popularity vote:
Ferania won with an overwhelming 618 votes, followed up by Faye with 219 and Catheline with 208 votes!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote, and congratulations to the winners!

Catheline, Faye and Ferania

Status report on LDH:

After more than 4 weeks of dealing with carpel tunnel, several issues with implementing music and sound, and various other things that troubled our progress (Illustrious pc broke down, etc.), I can finally say that we're able to make some progress on LDH again.

We still need to get the werewolf done and implement some sounds and voice (yes voice!) for Ferania. The music is already ingame, and the sound menu works as intended.
I can't give a definite release date yet, as there's just too many unknowns.
By that I mean, there's still a lot of sound effects to add into the game, and I have no idea how long it will take to implement, tweak and test all of it.
At any rate, we're working on it to get it done as soon as possible!


  1. Nooo! Chiira, Minori, Ms. Polar Bear! Q~Q

  2. Hi A little Fan patch for LDH V0.46
    French translation Pack.
    Pack de texte fran├žais V0.46!Up5CQQSJ!TBjqhsFW12OnIGDHo0xCu01GbtysctbxlyrfAsvsPZg

    1. Thank you very much!
      I'll add it to the list of fan translations as soon as possible ^^

  3. Too bad Shiwa didn't make it into the top 3 :( Anyway, the voice for Ferania? I definitely hope Cres will do it :D (I mean, it makes sense, right?) Keep up the good work

    1. Actually, no ^^
      Our team has 3 dedicated (hobby) voice actresses.
      Cres is not one of them btw.
      Cres is waaaaaay to shy to do it hahaha. (seriously)
      She's drawing hentai, but she's afraid of speaking to people, phoning or doing voice recordings or basically anything that involves her voice... sooo... she would kinda die, when trying to do it hahaha...
      (and as you know, we can't afford to have her die on us!)

    2. Well, then let Cresi speak as Chiira or Mio since both seem to be a little shy too = P I anyway think this is a pretty cute side of Cresentia XD but for Ferra . . . naaahhh! For This Tomboy protagonist i would prefer Wolfenstahl's voice ; P

  4. And for the next version can you please check the alternative key mapping you did, because well in v0.46 well... It didn't work to well :s

    1. I removed the alternative key mapping in v0.46.
      But you can set the keys yourself in the customizable controls.
      Simply click on "controls" in the menu and set the keys to anything you like.

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