Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deathblight RPG - public release

We just released Deathblight RPG second release on Patreon, and with that, here comes the first public release of Deathblight RPG.

It's only the first version which is public, so contrary to the second version it only contains the first half of the first level.
Deathblight RPG is a FREE game, it will not be sold once it's fully completed.
So everyone gets to play the second version sooner or later.

You can download the first public version here:

Also, you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP which you can get from the official website:

Here is a changelog of what's different in the second version:
Changelog Release02 - 29/03/2017:

- Added second half of first dungeon!
-> You can now finish the first mission and fight the bosses
-> All associated cutscenes, battles and CG-scenes have been implemented

- Added NPC-Girls in cells in first dungeon

- Added secret Ferania cutscene
-> If you want to find and trigger it, you have to be alone with Ferania in a certain location

- Changed intro slightly to allow players to freely move around and explore the hotel room when first entering
-> Can't leave the room, if you want to leave, talk to Minori to advance the intro
-> Important objects "sparkle" (Closet, beds)

- Added Mission Log/Guide/CG-Album at PC in hotel room
-> CGs and CG scenes viewable after finishing dungeon

- Changed dialogue timing in intro, for better flow (some lines now advance automatically)

- Added skip function to CG-scenes (game asks you if you want to watch the scene)
-> Only the capture scenes have it for now, not the overall "Game Over" scene

- Added cloth-changing and character-viewing mechanic to wardrobe in hotel room
-> Go to hotel room, speak to one of the two wardrobe/closets in the bedroom
-> "Change clothes" is for restoring clothes and removing the "Torn", "Naked" and "Slave" states
-> "Look into mirror" is for viewing the chosen characters current outfit/state (full-size picture)

- Added healing to beds in hotel bedroom
-> Speak to one of the upper double-beds to take a rest and heal HP and RST

- NPCs now react differently to the player (party leader, e.g. Ferania), based on their state (Torn, Nude, Slave)

- Inreased Minori's "Ryuuseiha" skill to 30 (was 20)

New CG scenes have been written by Sierra Lee.
If you like them, you should check her games out as well!
Her blog about her game TLS:

The second release will be made public once the third release hits Patreon.
This means, Patrons are always 1 step ahead of the public releases.
Patrons get early access because they support the development of the game and make all of this possible in the first place.

Thank you very much to everyone who's supporting us either on Patreon, by spreading the word about our stuff, or in whichever way you might help.
It really means a lot to us!


  1. Woo! The hype is real!
    Sierra Lee, eh? Oh man, they do good work. Can't wait to see those scenes.

    1. I hope you enjoy the first version in the meantime!
      (the first few hentai scenes have been written by BazookaDre, the new ones in the second version are from Sierra Lee)

    2. Oh, I am enjoying it very much. My anticipation for the next release is through the roof.

  2. Do we NEED the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to play the game? or is it only as an add-on, cause i think it'd be much easier to just click download and done, or doesn it have essentials that the game require?

    1. You need either the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, or the full version of RPG Maker VX Ace.

      The reason for this is:
      We didn't include the RTP with the game files, as most people already have the RTP downloaded and installed.
      If we had included the RTP with the game files, the download would be much much larger.

      This way, we keep the file sizes as small as possible, and download times are also faster ^^

    2. i see...i guess i'll wait for a later release then, don't take it badly or anything i just cant (Personally) handle much more in terms of different programs on the PC, so i just hope at a later date it'll just be able to download the game itself as a whole, thou keep up the good work, do not let this hinder you, you are amazingly talented at your work so keep it going! have an awesome day!

    3. Actually the RTP is just a collection of standard RPG Maker art assets and stuff like that.
      We didn't plan to include the RTP in future releases.

      The game right now is roughly 43 MB large, with RTP inclusion it would be 230 MB.
      That's because RPG Maker is placing all the art assets into the game folder.
      If you install the RTP seperately, those assets are in a seperate folder.
      (it's not a programme running in the background, just a couple folders with assets that are required to run RPG Maker games)

  3. I really enjoyed this. The characters look great, the writing is actually decent despite using "At any rate" a little bit too much. I did want to ask if you think you may add sounds to the scenes as some games have. Silent stills don't do it as well for me anymore. I will play this with or without sex sounds, but for me, it would make it much sexier. Very nice work!

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback!
      I can't promise sound/voice implementation yet.
      But we might add it later at some point.
      No promises though.

      If possible, I want to hire professional voice actors for this later down the road.
      But we'll have to see about that.
      (also it depends on how expensive this will be and how much budget we're able to save up for this)

    2. I think he mostly meant "squishing" sex sounds, "ejaculation" sounds etc., not full voice acting. I'd agree that would be a nice feature.

    3. Ah, I remember chatting with you about that during a live stream.
      (I already answered it there, but I'll also answer here for the general public)

      We'll consider adding such sounds further down the line in one of the updates.

  4. So, why the moral sword ripoff? It's the same game under the hood, just different graphics.

    1. If you've read the previous blogposts as well as the readMe, you should know that we asked Ahriman for permission and he allowed us to use his scripts.

      So naturally, as the game uses scripts from "The Moral Sword of Asagi" there's code of it in it.
      Makes sense, right?

    2. If all NSFW artists started doing games based on the Asagi mechanics, I'd be entirely content with that ^^ One of the best integrations of H and gameplay I've seen in RPG Maker games, fun bosses, rescues from bad situations...

    3. I'm really annoyed at it being called a "ripoff". Those art assets didn't make themselves, not to mention story and characters. (The sprites are adorable, too)

      Like, it's an RPG Maker game, it's going to share a lot of "under the hood" code as a LOT of games. That hasn't prevented other RPG Maker games from being incredibly unique from one another.

  5. I never played Moral Sword of Asagi, but wow this combat system is really cool.

    Great job with the abilities so far, making the two characters stand out reasonably well from each other.

    If I had one request it would be that during those attacks which target multiple, random enemies, could you possibly tone down the white flashing on screen? It gives me a bit of a headache

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback, and we're glad you like the game! ^^

      Regarding the white flashing:
      I'll look into it, but I can't make any promises, as I need to check if it's tied to the standard RPG Maker combat system, probably making changes to it is too complicated or might throw up some other issues, so I can't promise this, but I'll definitelly look into it.

  6. Replies
    1. The download link for the first release is already in the blogpost.
      The second release is only on Patreon for now.
      (all the details are basically in the blogpost above)

  7. Nice work so far! =)
    I can't find the secret cutscene anywhere in the dungeon, however I can access it after the mission on the hotel computer - I don't know if this is a problem and/or if it is already fixed o.o

    ...where the heck did you hide that cutscene? XD;