Sunday, May 28, 2017

Deathblight RPG - Catheline appears!

Here's a small status update on Deathblight RPG:

We've been working hard on implementing Catheline for the upcoming Alpha 3 version.
So far 9 out of 13 combat graphics are mostly done (some still need more facial expressions etc.).
And there's still CG scenes to do as well.
But progress is going smoothly.
As usual, we post most of our updates together with all the graphics over on Patreon.
(though I figured posting a small status update over here as well won't hurt)

Here's one of the 13 combat graphics of Catheline that will be in the game:

In the meantime, we also released a balancing and bugfixing patch for Alpha 2.
(basically called Alpha 2.1)
This 2.1 version will be released to the public once Alpha 3 hits Patreon.

It's hard to name a release date for Alpha 3 yet, but we're working hard to push it out as soon as possible.

On a side note, if you recall that blogpost about our roadmap for Deathblight RPG:
We decided to split each of the upcoming updates in half, so basically there will be more but smaller updates in the future.
(First half of a level, then the second half in a seperate update etc.)
That way we'll be able to push out updates faster, which is most likely better for everyone.

That's all for now, see ya next time!


  1. So still more waiting time for the Alpha 2.

    well it ain't so bad i'm sure, the longer it takes the more polished it gets and the more enjoyment we get out of it!

  2. Sweet. Can't wait to get down and dirty with Cath. And I'm sure neither can the demons. Kikiki.
    Well, that's definitely one benefit to waiting for the public releases. Less bugs.
    Smaller updates released faster sounds good to me. We all win.

  3. Do any of you fellas know if Wolfenstahl still checks this blog or not? I've been meaning to shoot a few ideas his way. Best part is, their drunk ideas. (The best kind :]) If ya read this, Wolf, hit me up on G+, a'ight? (If you're on E-hentai, you probably know my bud from the States, Carter (aka CrazyOtakuMOF0. his idea, not mine. XD. Hit him up too. I'm sure he's itching to give you some ideas too, (guarantee at least one of them will involve tentacles, knowing how he works.) Catch ya around the web.
    -Jack (aka That One Drunk Guy. XD)

    1. It's just been a little over a month since the last blogpost (we post most our updates on Patreon).
      But yes, I'm checking the blog once in a while.

      If you've got some ideas, why not post them here?
      I'm sorry but I'm too busy working on Deathblight RPG, so I don't have much time to collect ideas from other people.
      Feel free to post it here in the comments, but please don't be offended if I don't respond or if we don't include it, we've got a pretty busy schedule and already a lot of stuff we plan to include (our ideas and Patron suggestions) into our game, so there isn't much we can add to that.

  4. ...Man, I didn't expect him to be interested in working with you. This is the "friend" (Really, Jack? More like brothers from different mothers.) that Jack mentioned...and yeah, I did have a couple ideas, but after seeing all the great suggestions you got on your patreon, which I would LOVE to support, but can't due to issues with my credit card (my bank doesn't accept Patreon as a "legitimate site" or some stuff...damn US banks.), I decided not to share them, seeing as those ideas are plenty for you to work with...Once I finish fighting with the bank people, I'll be supporting you...(and after I get a steady income. Jobs come and go...get laid off by too many of them.)
    I read your comic a lot...
    (even archive downloaded it on E-hentai. :]) ...And, much as I LOATHE to admit of my ideas DID have to do with tentacles...(Shut up, Jack.) but not just you, I'm not too keen on Guro or hardcore vore...but I have a real thing for soft's actually pretty damn good when it's done right. I think it'd be a great idea to incorporate it as a battle mechanic that utilizes special, for example, say you make a demon that is basically a big snake...say it begins to swallow one of the party members (for arguments sake, I'm gonna use Claire in this example.) Claire would be able to either A: use a "Struggle" command to buy time, B: If her arms are still free, try to attack the snake thing and get herself free, or C: wait and hope another party member can attack the snake enough for it to stop, and do it within three or so turns...if not, Claire would get swallowed, and she would end up in it's "stomach" (ideally, a large flesh chamber with tentacles in it.) and she would continually take HP damage and gain corruption until the snake thing was defeated...and then take additional damage from the ooze that was left on her from being inside of it...

    ...God, that was complicated. Basically, add enemies that use swallow whole attacks, and make it so you can either get out of them, or give in, or be helped out of them...if you want a more detailed example, go take a look at Eromancer's game, Malise and the has an enemy that uses such an attack. ...Well, that was the only real idea I with it what you will. And I'm sure Jack would agree that this would be easier said than done...but hey, I tried to explain. Anyways, keep up the good work, and don't let those naysayers on E-hentai get to you...Like I said on there, I happen to like PLOT (story) with my "PLOT" (hentai).

  5. Is Deathblight RPG sold here? dlsite

    1. Deathblight RPG is a free game ^^

      Public version is here: