Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Deathblight RPG progress report

It's been a while since the last blogpost, so I figured a short update might be a good idea.
(we regularly post progress reports on Patreon, usually several times a month)

Catheline Combat Graphics

We're currently working on finishing the last CG, originally we planned to have 5 CGs (2 CG scenes) with variations in the upcoming version.
But we decided to add another extra CG last minute (so it's 6 CGs with variations now).
Once it's done it needs to be implemented.
Then there's more testing to do, and if no bugs show up last minute, we'll be ready for the release.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Catheline up there!


  1. Will you be adding combat cgs to the CG Gallery?
    In the current demo, only Event CGs are in the gallery.

    1. We didn't plan to do that yet.
      It might be something we could add later down the road though.
      Though there's also the problem that not all combat CGs would be visible in a good resolution, as some of them are on the sheet (with multiple graphics) only.
      Including unused higher resolution files in the game package however just unnecessarily increases file size (we try to avoid that).

      At any rate, I'll give it a thought for future releases.
      Maybe we'll include it once all the major features are in the game.
      (though, no promises. but I'll consider it later down the road)

  2. Ooooh. So exciting to hear. I can't wait

  3. It's always lovely news when there's more content than originally intended in an update.
    Can't wait to get my hands on it. Though for now I'll settle with the second version going public.