Friday, October 27, 2017

Polished Alpha 3.1 released on Patreon

We just released a polished version (named Alpha 3.1) of the last version of the game on Patreon.

You can find the post with Alpha 3.1 here if you have Patreon access:

For the public version of Alpha 2.1 click here:

Keep in mind that you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run this game:
(the RTP includes graphics and other standard assets of RPG Maker that are required)

Alpha 3.1 will be released to the public once we released Alpha 4 on Patreon.
We are working hard to release Alpha 4 as soon as possible!

Here's the full changelog of Alpha 3.1:
Changelog Alpha3.1 - 27/10/2017:

- Added a lot of live to the town. You can now find many flavor NPC walking around.
  -> At night, most NPCs change, having different dialogue or just being replaced by completely new NPCs.

- Added a fast travel option via taxi-stops.
  -> To fast travel, look for a taxi stop and "talk" to it, you will then get the option to choose your destination.
  -> Every travel costs 50G.
  -> If you leave the first dungeon before completing it, you will get a little tutorial scene on how to use the fast travel system.

- Added lore logs to the second dungeon. If you want to know a bit of backstory to what happened there, just look around and find all of the logs.

- Changed the sprite color of the big groups in the first dungeon, to make them distinguishable from the smaller ones.

- Tweaked a few dialogues.


  1. Well, hey, Wolf. Do you have an ETA on Alpha 4? Kinda looking forward to seeing what's new in 3.1, and really looking forward to what Catheline can do (and what she has done to her. :3) One of my two favorite of your Hunters...(the other being Claire because we share a lot of, comics, potato chips...the good stuff.) When you gonna add her in? I almost expected the first two characters to be Ferania and CLAIRE, not Midori, but hey, you're the boss. Anyways, keep up the good work, and know that I may donate to you very soon, now that I made a Paypal...Patreon does Paypal, right? Anyways, good seeing you're still hammering away at this project...keep going and you'll have a masterpiece chiseled out of solid diamond.

    1. It's hard to say when Alpha 4 will land, there's still a lot of stuff to do.
      But we're working as fast as possible!

      I can't say when Claire will be added to the game, as that is up to the Patrons to vote.
      They voted for Esmoda to get in next ^^
      And once she's in, we'll see who will come afterwards.

      Thank you very much for your support!

  2. What must be done to beat the first boss?

    With the starting clothes and following the scenario, my characters get hit in less than 5 rounds (see 4 rounds) and none of the bosses seem to have lost a lot of life on their side.

    With the slave dress, I can beat one on both, but my characters are so weak that they are finished by the last.

    I understand that we must put everything on the left because it increases its power, but even aligning two sunburst (more than 700 points each) and several other shots, it is not enough to defeat him.

    So, if I have to go around in circles for about 50 hours to go up to level 60 to beat them (at level 6, I can lose 840 health and all my resistance points in one turn), would like to know it in advance.

    1. Spoiler alert:

      The first boss can be quite tough.
      In order to beat it you need to use the special debuffs and abilities of Ferania and Minori.

      One solid tactic is debuffing the right boss with Minori's leg sweep skill, so it does less damage.

      When the boss on the left side telegraphs his special move, use lightning shock with Ferania, so he's stunned and can't execute his attack.

      With that they're quite easy to beat.
      There's a couple other methodes, but this is probably the most reliable tactic to take them down.
      (spamming high damage attacks doesn't win this fight easily)

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  4. Man, I’ve really liked this game. Unfortunately, right now I can’t afford to support you on patreon, so instead of that, here’s some feedback! (Because I’ve only played the 2.1 version I don’t know if some of the things listed here have been already addressed in the next versions of the game)
    -I’m aware that the Game Over scenes in the first dungeon were written by two different people, and it’s quite obvious: some scenes are written in present tense, and the others are in past tense. I don’t know how the GO scenes are written in the second dungeon, but I’d suggest to choose one tense and stick with it.
    -After the first fight in the parking, the Demon Captain doesn’t seem to recognise neither Midori or Ferania. However, if they are captured, the grunts know who they are, nicknames and all! This may seem to be a very minor detail, but it could be better to have the Captain say something like :”W-wait a minute! Could you two be… The Red Blitz and the Black Wolf!! (Ma-masaka!!!)”. Not only because of continuity, but because Ferania and Midori being famous among demons is a small yet important plot point that should not be relegated to a Game Over scene.
    -When you talk with the old man in the Hotel, his sprite changes briefly.
    -Did you know that there are sprites of RPG Maker in sex positions? It could be cool to use them when a character gets captured (instead of having them stand naked in front of a demon).

    Also, some questions!:
    -What’s the name of the city the game takes place in?
    -In the future, do you have plans of changing some of the assets you are using right now for new original ones? (Soundtrack by Illustrious, new backgrounds, sprites…)
    -Once you reach a certain point of the development, do you have any plans of adding secondary missions and secret bosses?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback!

      Game Over scenes:
      Whoooops, I totally didn't check that one!
      It shouldn't be an issue with the second dungeon and future dungeons as it's all being taken care off by the same writer (Sierra Lee), so it should be more consistent.
      Thank you very much for pointing it out!

      Recognizing Ferania and Minori:
      Good point!
      This one should be easier to fix, I'll make sure to keep it in mind for Alpha 4.
      Thank you very much ^^

      I'll also check the old man in the Hotel.

      I did see RPG Maker sprites in sex positions, but I figured people custom made those?
      Maybe we'll include some in future releases, right now we focused on getting the most important parts into the game first.

      Regarding your questions:
      We didn't decide on a name for the city yet.
      (partly we also figured we wouldn't want to name it after some real life cities)

      And yes, we plan to include music from Illustrious, possibly also swapping out some sprites (not all of them though!) and possibly also swapping out some backgrounds.

      Secondary missions and secret bosses sound like a nice idea, but we haven't decided on that one yet.
      The second dungeon does have an optional path in Alpha 4 (upcoming game version) where there's optional enemies and an optional CG.

      I hope I didn't miss any questions, thank you very much! ^^

  5. Thanks to you for answering! I'm pretty excited about this game since I love to see the "Wretched Hive" trope convined with hentai. Two more questions:
    Your plan is to add more than seven heroines, right? Won't that slow the progress a lot because of the insane amount of CGs per scenario that you will need?
    Second question: Will you make a progress report+summary of the year by the end of this month?
    Again, thanks in advance!

    1. You're welcome, and thank you very much!

      Actually we do plan to have 6 heroines in the game.
      (maybe we include more than that, but this is depending on too many factors, I'm certain we can include 6 heroines so this is what we're aiming for for now)

      It doesn't slow the progress down though, because we decide on which heroines are "available" for each dungeon to come, so we only need to draw CGs for those that are available for the dungeon.
      (also you can't visit older dungeons with new heroines)

      This is necessary so we can assure that we're able to finish the game and the workload doesn't explode.
      However, we might give the player the option to freely choose heroines for the final dungeon.
      (so the final fight can be fought with whoever the player wants to pick)

      About your second question:
      Absolutely! If I don't forget doing it I'll do it at the end of this month, otherwise I'll do it early next year.
      There's a lot of stuff going on (we push really hard for Alpha 4 release) so I might forget doing it haha

      But I'll absolutely do a report+summary post of this year.

  6. Well hello. I found your comic I think through Belfry, and ultimately when you said "Game," and "Hentai," I could not resist. Though it is true I found this page before upon clicking a mutual link from another blog, It was probably a year or two ago. I'm going to download the public and give it a go.