Sunday, December 31, 2017

Summary of 2017 - Happy New Year

Let me start this off by wishing you all a happy new year!
I hope you were able to enjoy a nice christmas season.

Looking back at the year, I guess this was one of the better years for us.

First of all we need to thank each and everyone of you for your support, especially our supporters on Patreon! We're very grateful for your help and dedication in creating everything Deathblight related.

Let's talk about the bad things that happened this year, and then get to the good ones.
Our game designer (Blade) suddenly became homeless this summer.
But we helped him to find an appartment and after a stressful Alpha 3 release things went back to normal mostly.
Other than that, I think there wasn't really anything specifically bad this year.
(only minor hiccups along the way, like everyone experiences in life, so nothing special)

So on to the good things!
Our fanbase grew quite a bit this year, thank you everyone!
Other than that, the webcomic progressed smoothly and we managed to release new major releases of Deathblight RPG in march and end of august, as well as several minor releases in between.
We didn't quite make it for the december release (current Alpha 4) but we're almost there and pushing hard to release it the next couple days.
(we worked 6 day weeks during the past weeks and christmas and didn't really enjoyed much time off, that's some dedication haha, at any rate, no worries, we'll make sure to take at least 1 week off after the Alpha 4 release to regain some energy!)

With our Patreon campaign growing, I'm thinking about possibly hireing a pixel artist to finally continue Deathblight Apocalypse.
I know it's the 5000 $ milestone on our list, and we've still got ways to go to reach that (currently we're at 3000 $).
But as always I'm planning ahead and I guess it wouldn't hurt to look for people to hire ahead of time.
That being said, let's see how the next year will be!

See ya next year and let's hope it will be even better.


  1. I'm really glad to hear that. Been a watcher of the comic for a long time and just happened to come across the rpg. I check every day for a new post or a new comment on one of yours posts. Glad that this year has done wonders and I'm hoping to help make this next one even better

    1. Thank you very much! ^^
      We hope you have a wonderful new year as well.
      And most of all, we hope you enjoy the RPG and our webcomic!

  2. This is honestly one of the best games i have played. This is one of the best games so far. I only have the public version but just playing that brings me great joy. The game ended up getting me hooked on the comic and now i cant wait for more! i'm going to wait for the alpha 4 and when u update the public version ima play that. if i like it(prob will) then Im supporting u guys and getting the full game! to me your better than the games being put out nowadays.

    1. The one thing holding me back is the monthly payment... im a good diehard fan but i cant pay per month... thats just cus im poor af

    2. We're happy to hear you enjoy our game and webcomic so much ^^
      Thank you very very much for considering to support us!
      It really means a lot to us, and no worries, we can perfectly understand not everyone can support for prolonged time periodes.
      So no worries, we understand ^^
      Thank you very much!

    3. Trust me i pay pay for one month come April if i see progress like this. i just lost my job, i have been learning coding in my spare time to try to get a new job making games.

    4. Oh, I wish you best of luck to find a new good job quite soon!
      And thank you very very much!
      But you really should think of yourself first ^^
      You can still support us some other time when things are looking better on your end.
      At any rate, thank you very much!

    5. if ur that concerned about me then i could always take a job lol. u hiring?

    6. Haha ^^"
      Sorry I'm not looking for programmers right now.
      (it's one of the jobs I'm doing myself)
      But I hope you find a good job somewhere ^^

  3. Hi, when will v4 be out? Or it is already out on patreon ? I follow too much game to support everyone on monthly basis so instead i wait for big update or one i really look fowards. Basically i look at changelog before choosing to support or not for the said update.

    1. DB RPG Alpha 4 will be available in a couple minutes.
      I'm currently typing a blogpost for the public Alpha 3.1 release too.
      Thank you very much for considering to support us ^^