Sunday, August 26, 2012

boss battles

I've thought a lot about boss battles and how they should be.
somehow a boss should feel different than a regular enemy.
so I decided to leave out grab-attacks from boss battles.
the other difference would be, that when a boss starts an attack, you can't stun him by hitting him.

he will take damage, but he also will be able to continue his attack.
so the trick is to keep an eye on the bosses movement, and then react accordingly.
every attack the boss does can be avoided by different movement.
(running away, jumping, or just running up or down)
but of course you have to find out what methode of dodging is possible.

why does the boss have no grab attack?
well I think it would be better to give him several attacks, instead of a grab attack.
the grab attack somehow slows the gameplay down too much.
since boss battles should feel different and they should rather be tense, I think a grab attack is out of place.
instead they will have 2 different CG's you can unlock upon a game over.
there will also be a savepoint right before the boss battle.


  1. This may be a good idea, but the bosses definitely need to have some hentai moves. How would it look if everyone can perform rape moves except in-game except the bosses!

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