Friday, February 15, 2013

Donations opened

Here you can find the blog with the donation option:
[click here]

Like I stated on my last blog post, our team talked about starting to accept donations.
Our boss decided to open up a new blog, where you can donate to support us.
The blog exists also to show those who are interested in artwork, how you best draw CG's and stuff.
(coming up in the next days or so)
Though there will be no adult content shown.

The money donated on that blog goes to our boss's account, and it will be used to support our projects.
By supporting our projects I mean, we need money for our daily lives, so we can continue to work on making games.
(money for food, rent, etc.)
Also some of the money will be invested in BGM for the games.
So far we used up our savings to be able to invest enough time into making games.
(to tell the truth, right now noone of us has a job, and we would love to continue to work full-time on making games)

Thank you very much for your support!

We are done with testing the game, and I hope we were able to remove all major bugs.
Currently the game is being checked up by DLSite, and it should be on sale in the next days.
Of course there will be a blogpost here, once it's on sale.


  1. Can't wait to see the final release! I know I haven't been commenting a lot, but it's good to see it's all finally coming together!

  2. this is the 2nd best hentai game since Millia Wars... hope it's released soon

  3. If the game is uploaded on DLsite, is there a way to pay it with Paypal? I don't have any credit card so what should I do?

  4. Yeah, I'd gladly pay through PayPal to DL the game, especially since DLsite has been sitting on it for like a week now.

  5. it's been over a week, whats going on man?

  6. Maybe Paperheads invaded Wolfenstahl's base and ass raped everyone... that's why they've lost contact with the world.

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  8. Currently we are having a bit trouble with getting the game ready for sale.
    We had to made some changes, and I hope it works out now.
    But further details will be given in a blogpost.
    (since I'm currently working, I may write one later or tomorrow)

    Though this is a h-game dev blog, I have to ask you to remove the video please.

  9. This game looks really good. The Girl is adult and thats great.
    I dont like games with girls they look like 8.
    Wish you good luck and enough money, so you can life from.