Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress report

It looks like we will be able to present you a demo for the new game pretty soon.
If everything goes smoothly, it should be done shortly after this weekend.
(at least if there won't be any critical last minute bugs)

And yes, since we are working on the new game, we are obviously not adding content to Paperheads.
(especially because of all the problems with Paperheads, I've written about them in the older posts)

We also thought about changing stuff on the blog, so there will be some major changes in the upcoming weeks.
(updated links, updated header, change of categories, and I guess the old votes will be deleted, well, it will be cleaned out and brought up to date in general)
But I'll take my time in doing this, since it's not that important at the moment.

But lets get back to our new game.
We've already decided on a name, but we will keep it to ourselves until the demo will be released.

What the demo will contain:
- a completely playable stage with boss battle
- 5 CG scenes (roughly 59 pictures in total) with background
- lots of text in the CG scenes (japanese and english, you can switch the language ingame)
- effects in the CG scenes (screen shaking etc.)

There is NO sound in the game, as we have no money for music.
We also had no time yet, to do something about the SFX itself.

And yeah, it's a platformer this time.
Most of the stuff is already done, and in fact... you won't see everything we've done so far in the demo version, since we are saving lots of stuff for the full version.
(so you won't see the CG scene I've placed into an earlier post)

Currently we are working on getting everything ready for the demo release.
So please be patient, it might take longer as planned, in case unforseen stuff happens.

Here are some sketches and sprite samples, to shorten your waiting time:

Yes, the CG drafts shown here are already done and implemented into the game/demo.
We just want to keep as much as possible for the demo release, without spoiling the surprise.
So it hopefully will be a nice present for you guys and girls.

And sorry if I didn't respond to questions, I'm pretty much stressed out, and I tend to rush things lately.
So I might overlooked some posts/comments or questions.


  1. plz add a lot of tentacles and vore scenes

  2. Streses? It's so sorrowfully(((((. New game look nice(platformer it's good), i'm in waiting for demo))).

  3. and also, get your own selling method.

    Eroico's released and it's not even on DLsite, yet there are tons of buyers already.

    I think Kyrieru is pretty smart. He's gonna work on censorship and other work for Japanese sale later on, because they are not the priority.

    Also the price around 5 bucks will be good, Paperheads was very expensive, I bought it cuz I loved it, but don't think many others thought same.

    Few games have shitty contents but succeed due to good marketing.
    Few games are good but they fail at marketing.
    Something to think about.

  4. There are some tentacle scenes, but not really vore.
    (just stuff like being fucked inside of a plant etc.)


    Uhm... I doubt you have insight into Kyrierus sales statistics?
    So I'm wondering how you know that there had been tons of buyers?

    Well, as I mentioned several times before...
    My boss denies any kind of private sales methode.
    Or lets say, she denies the methode Kyrieru uses, since if she does it herself, there is a chance that her paypal account may get banned.
    And she's not willing to risk that.
    Besides, there are lots of other reasons for not doing it that way.
    But I've wrote about it so many times already, I just don't like repeating myself anymore...

    Maybe you have any idea for any other sales methodes?
    (as I said, not what Kyrieru does, no private shop on this blog, and nothing that involves paypal either)

    If it is possible to make it happen, there is at least a chance that we will do it.

    I myself don't know any "safe" ways of selling H-games, besides DLSite.
    So yeah, that's the reason for only selling it there, though they take 45% of the money.
    (well... as I said... no risky stuff, so we are bound to that, besides other reasons for selling it there)

    Of course there is always the option to make a donation.
    (since most people download the game somewhere else (aka pirating it), since they can't buy it on DLSite, or it's too expensive etc.)
    But up till now, there had been only very few donations.
    And of course we are very thankfull for every donation amount, even small amounts.

    Thanks for your support!
    It really helps us to continue making similar games.

    1. I just checked comments section. There are a lot of comments of people who bought the game, and I don't think they are lying. If I pirated the game I won't comment anything.

      I don't know what it's like in Germany (maybe they are more strict about selling adult contents?). But what Kyrieru does is you click the button and you download a small file that is used to activate the demo version.

      I don't see how that can threaten your superior's paypal account... for letting people download a harmless 4kb file? Maybe I'm just ignorant about the paypal policy in your region.

      It's really a friendly advice.. so please don't get me wrong. If I don't support your project I wouldnt show any interest.

      Still, sorry for pressuring you, by any means.

    2. I think that it's not a real way to measure the number of sales.
      And sadly, yeah, there are always people who comment, even though they pirate a game.
      (I'm not saying that there definitely is someone that is doing it that way on Kyrierus blog... but it happens all the time, there had been even some people posting here on this blog, saying out loud that they pirated Paperheads without giving a small donation etc.)

      Well, lets not talk about that topic.
      If people don't want to support, it's okay.
      (it's just a question if we can continue working on games then)

      I also understand that you're trying to help out, or giving a friendly advice.

      It's just that the boss doesn't like to violate any ToS (especially paypals ToS), or anything else, so she sticks to the safe things.
      Even if it means to miss on sales.

      Of course it might work out trying it... but no one knows for how long it will work out?
      So she's rather not risking it.

      And thanks for commenting and writing, it's good to know that people care about things, and share their oppinion about it.
      I really appreciate it!

  5. I have piration version, but i donated 10$.
    Do you look link to download russificator on theme "paperheads released"?