Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Possible demons + Patreon and blog update

Hello everyone!

I figured I should share a couple news here on the blog.
First of all, here you can see some sketches of enemies that might make it into our new game project (the RPG Maker one).

possible enemies that might get into the game

Next, as you may have noticed, the blog got a little "facelift". We finally updated the header and the background! That was long overdue, as the previous one was almost 4 years old, haha. I hope you like the new look!
This goes hand in hand together with an update to our Patreon. It's got a new description, new tiers, new milestones and a new header as well!

Head over there and see for yourself:

We'll also share more details about the current game development progress, sketches, concept art (as well as finished artworks) and other stuff over there.
You're still going to get news and happenings on this blog, of course. However it's only going to be major updates, like when a new version is being released and what it's contents will be about, the games changelogs etc.

Also you might want to follow me on twitter, right now there's mostly tweets about webcomic releases, but as we move forward with game development, I'll tweet about those things as well.

That's all for now, see ya.


  1. Bottom left monster looks like vore-ish type of monster ^_^"
    And about Patreon rewards, maybe it's just me, but the reward for last tier looks a bit weak

    1. We're always open to suggestions to improve Patreon rewards.
      Currently we're thinking about adding a couple things, so there might be some additions sometime next week.

  2. Yo! Wolfenstahl

    What are u up to?
    it's been over a month of Silence on ur blog!
    I keep checking 4 the new news for a while now.
    Ur prob hard at work on ur Game's!?.

    Thank You, for your future game?'s ^_^

    1. Yes, we're working on the game's as much as possible.
      (other than that we're also working on our webcomic and commissions)

      I'll write new updates as we make progress, so stay tuned!
      Thank you very much ^^