Sunday, March 4, 2018

Deathblight RPG Alpha 4.1 released on Patreon

This is the polished version of the last release.
We now work on implementing the first of the jobs into the game.
Ferania's job of being a bouncer and a stripper!

Beware, old save files may cause bugs.
Please start a new game to prevent this!

Or use one of the save files provided with the game (Alpha 4.1 onwards).

The Alpha 4.1 version for DB RPG is now available on Patreon.
You can find the post with Alpha 4.1 here if you have Patreon access:

 For the public version of Alpha 3.1 click here:!9l1SGaZL!9MzC9qeS0RRXplo0HLPybX-mf8-IVoZocV9u20BU-SQ

Keep in mind that you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run this game:
(the RTP includes graphics and other standard assets of RPG Maker that are required)

As usual, Alpha 4.1 will be made public once the next major version (Beta 1) is done and released on Patreon.
Have fun playing the game!

Here's the changelog for Alpha 4.1.

 Changelog Alpha4.1 - 28/02/2018:

- Added more lore to the dungeons. You can now find out more of what happened in certain areas.
  Loook for open books to tell you the story.

- Fixed recolored enemy sprites turning black again when defeated

- Increased dash speed by 50%

- Added more NPC dialogues when in a different state.

- Spaced out the enemies appearing in the Failure bossfight more, so they don't overlap as much-


  1. Hi guys!
    I have been thinking in an idea for a turn based strategy game. I am a novice game developer and I believe the universe of deathblight would be nice to give it a conducting wire and a background lore. Is it okay? If so, where can I get some deeper information about all the characters and the world itself?
    If you want to contact me, here is my email:

    1. Hello!
      We actually cover the background lore and all with our webcomic you can find over here:
      (also see the links on the side bar to the right)

      Some folks are also working on a wiki to Deathblight:

      So maybe these sources help you with the background lore?
      Thank you very much for being interested in our stuff ^^
      I hope you enjoy the webcomic and all!