Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dark Alley Elf release

After a much anticipated wait, we're ready to announce that our public release of the uncensored and full featured version of Dark Alley Elf is ready to go!

We're collaborating with MiKandi Store to feature our first major release in a long time, so check their site for not only the uncensored game, but also a special feature artwork that will launch exclusively with their release.

You can buy the game here: https://mikandi.com/games/game/45 !

Dark Alley Elf is the adventure of Francesca, the streetwise and cunningly slutty dark elf who is in a friendly wager with her friend and rival Annabelle. Armed with a trusty iron pipe, Fran takes to the streets leaving no dick behind as she fights her way through legions of thugs and monsters who would prefer her services on more of a "pro-boner" basis.

Fight your way through two sprawling zones as you find enough cash to show Anna who's really the top elf on the streets!

This game could not have come together as well as it did were not from the help of some wonderful talents, so we wanted to extend a special thanks to the vocal talents of VoiceLikeCandy, as well as the composer Overcoat!

VoiceLikeCandy has a Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/VoiceLikeCandy

And you can buy the game's OST here: https://overcoat.bandcamp.com/album/dark-alley-elf-original-soundtrack

Following this release we're going to be moving forward with other storefronts, and hopefully priming up for a Steam release as well. So I speak for everyone on Projekt Wolfenstahl when I say thank you very much for seeing us through and supporting us on this release!

Until next time!

Deathblight RPG get's the new version release in the upcoming days!


  1. https://super-game.net/archives/dark-alley-elf.html

    I have made a review of your product.
    So could you please check my review of your product?
    If you found any problem in my review, let me know

    1. Sorry for the late response.
      Thank you very much for the review! It looks good, I don't see any errors.
      I hope you enjoyed the game, and thanks again!

  2. The link to the demo doesn't seem to work anymore. Would you mind re-uploading it?

    1. Sorry for the late response.
      The demo link is outside of our control as it's a link from MiKandi.
      I'll let them know that the link doesn't work anymore, but it's probably a good idea if you contact them as well to speed things up ^^
      (as in, the more people make them aware the link isn't working, the more likely it is that it's going to be fixed as soon as possible)