Saturday, December 22, 2018

New project reveal!

Good news everyone!

We've been busy working on stuff the last couple months.
Deathblight RPG of course which had it's Ferania job update a while ago, as well as our new game Deathblight Guilty Raid.
So we're confident in announcing that one now!

Deathblight Guilty Raid is basically a remake of our old game "Last Demon Hunter" which you can download on this blog for free.
However, this game is not a simple remake.

It's a complete overhaul of the previous game.
Vast increase in content:
New enemies, new skills, multiple playable characters and much more.
It's still a topdown shooter with rogue-lite elements though, but other than that it's pretty much it's own game.

Because of this we decided to name the project something else.
It's based on old LDH, but it's technically a new game.
It also features a new heroine, Safiya!
(Ferania is not planned to be in this game as of now)
And of course, since this is a proper game, the graphics are all fully fleshed out.

Here's some screenshots as previews:

Please note that this is a WIP (work in progress) and some graphics will be enhanced or replaced for the final version.

Other playable characters planned for this project are Esmoda and Faye from Deathblight.
(you may know them from the webcomic)
So you can look forward to those two as well!

The entire project is self funded, but we plan to hand it out to Patrons of 10$ tier upwards as loyality bonus.
(only to people who are subscribed at the date of release)
We also plan to sell it on multiple platforms including Steam.
So you can grab the game on the platform of your choice once it's released.

That will be all for now, please look forward to future updates on the games progress and some reveal of game mechanics in the upcoming posts.
See ya around!


  1. Good to see you guys up and running.

    Any enemies that you guys have in mind in the "planning"?

    1. Actually all the enemies are already done ^^
      (most of the pixel work has already been completed, the main bulk of the pixel work is completing the tilesets, and a lot of CG graphics still need to be drawn)

      I don't want to reveal too much at this point though.
      But we will gradually reveal stuff over the next couple blogposts.

  2. Question please: Do you accept Fan suggestions??? If not I'm not gonna disturb you with my personal preferences! ;P

    1. I'm sorry we don't plan to include any fan suggestions.
      The project is entirely self funded and had been completely planned out before we started work on it in september 2018.
      We don't plan to include personal preferences of individual fans.
      I hope you understand, and thank you very much for being interested in our game ^^

  3. Is there a playable demo available on patreon or ar eyou guys still ironing out various issues still?

    Its not v clear from the blogpost or the locked patreon post.

    1. Still under development I believe.

    2. There is no available demo version yet.
      Only our internal builds, but we're not handing those out at this point in time.
      It will most likely still need a month or two until we feel confident in presenting a demo version to the public.
      I'll specifically make it clear when that time has come, no worries! ^^

      For the time being, this is just a progress update kinda post, announcing what we're currently up to.
      (Deathblight Guilty Raid and Deathblight RPG - Operation Thunderfang)

      We hope you're looking forward to future news ^^

  4. More playable characters you say? Wonder how you'll incorporate different playstyle into this.

    1. Largely by giving each characters specific... I guess I'll call this "personality" in the way they play?
      Like one character has an emphasiz on slowing and freezing enemies.
      Another character deals lower damage but has homing projectiles.
      While someone else is kinda a jack of all trades, and another character could use a couple summons additionally to normal attacks.
      (these are all just vague examples, some of these things are not set in stone yet)

  5. I liked how punishing the restraint system was in Paperheads so It'd be pretty awesome to have a difficulty mode that makes restraint stuff hard to get out of ^^

  6. I canot wait for it!!
    Love your games and lore and artstyle a lot!
    *Cheer for the awesome team*

    1. Thak you very much! I'll forward the praise to the rest of the team ^^

  7. Esteemed Crescentia Steam has started selling hentai/porn games on it's store,have you considered selling your games there?

    1. Wolfenstahl here ^^
      (Cres doesn't run this blog)
      Yeah we actually have one upcoming game on Steam: