Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Here's another small progress update.

Deathblight RPG:
As you can see, the lineart of the first part of Minori's game over CG scene (which only triggers when Minori hits max corruption) is lined already, and the second part of the scene is sketched.
Those are the last CGs missing, but Cres also still needs to do some small graphics for the minigame, like we did with Ferania's bouncer job.
But those shouldn't take too long to make.

Once the CGs and the minigame graphics are done, they need to get implemented which may also takes a bit time, and a bit more time on top of that to test the whole build. (We usually take 1 week for testing and bugfixing, though please keep in mind that it might take longer than that if a big bug appears. After all we want to present a new release as bugfree as possible).

But as you can see, we are about to get to the finish line for beta 2!

Next update will be in about 1-2 weeks, about Deathblight Guilty Raid.
We're working as quickly as possible on the demo release, which will be a public release.


  1. I'm sitting here with my wallet open for GB:GR, watching the calendar, frustrated. C'MON UPDATE RAAGGHH

    1. Actually, the upcoming demo version will be free for everyone and publicly accessible ^^
      (we ran into some delays though, but it shouldn't take too much longer)