Friday, August 24, 2018

Survey results

Hello! It's good to meet you all, some of you have seen me on Discord but I imagine that's probably not too many. I'm Regris and I'm handling the PR and Marketing aspect for Wolf and Cres so they can focus more on what they're the best at.

Anyways, today I want to discuss that survey that we had going for a while now. There was a much larger response than we thought we'd get, topping out at a total of 327 respondents! Of them, about 120 of you were willing to put a name to your results, which wasn't necessary but thank you for taking your time to do this survey!

Now, the first question was about how you found the Deathblight series. An astounding 46% of you found us through art sites like Hentai Foundry, and another 27% of you found us through game discussion on forums (like ULMF) and similar. Things like social media and such were less strong, with about 4% of people there, another 4% came from fan sites, and the remaining 19% or so was from a plethora of answers I didn't quite account for. Things like image rehosting sites, E-hentai, DLsite purchases, and Patreon itself.

In regards to the "Who are your top three", it's no surprise, but the top three are also the heroines of the Deathblight RPG. Personally, I wanted to see Esmoda a bit higher but I'm sure she'll have her time to shine!

The next few questions were a bit more interesting in terms of results. While a lot of themes were asked for, many of which will be presented in the story (or games) of Deathblight in one way or another, there seems to have been an overwhemling demand for dragongirls? We have our theories, but we think a certin maid dragon might be responsible for the abundance of responses asking for it.

The next two questions involved was mostly curiosity on how everyone gets their information. As we can see here, a majority of people keep updated with Patreon, and about an equal amount of people get information from the blog, Hentai Foundry, and Tumblr. So, thank you for all you loyal Patreon backers out there. In regards to how people get their games, the results were about what we expected. Though right now we're currently evaluating which platforms would work best for us and, if possible, want to try to be on as many storefronts as is managable.

The question about what appeals to you most got a good slew of interesting responses. People talking both about game designs or their fetishes were very passionate about it, which is natural considering the territory. I think it's kind of a cart before the horse problem, but it's really no surprise that people who like specific fetishes that the Deathblight series is known for come to this series for basically exactly that. People who're into girls with abs, we're here for you.

Following that we had a question in regards to what genre people prefer their adult games to be in. RPG seemed to be the overall winning combination. I feel that there's a lot of adequate pauses in a RPG for people to ah, fully enjoy the work presented to them, so that makes sense. Following that I would say there was a roughly equal call for visual novels and action games. The one I didn't quite understand is uh, someone submitted 3rd person FPS as a genre and, while I know about H Doom I just can't really see how that'd work out for an adult game. (Gears of Wank??)

For the last question, this was mostly a curiosity on our part. There was a lot of mentions of pretty well-known Western game devs like Kyrieru, Hreinn Games (Sierra Lee), and Fenoxo. And as well some very accomplished Japanese devs like Hatahata (UnHolY series), D-Lis (Bullet Requiem), and Nekonomeme (LAB series). What I got out of this is that you all have good taste, but on a more serious note a lot of these devs are people we look up to as well, so I'm glad we're all in this together.

As of writing this, we're seeing the end of Dark Alley Elf's development cycle, a game I know a lot of you are looking forward to. With polls like this we can keep a good eye on what you all, the fans, want to see, and a good bit of insight on what people are interested in with broader strokes and how well that aligns with what we want to go going forward. So thank you all again, everyone who participated in this little poll, and I hope you'll all keep sticking with us for the long run. Until next time!

Friday, July 20, 2018

8th progress report

Ealier this week, the team has finished all the work on the game which we decided to name "Dark Alley Elf".
What's now left to do is testing the game, bugfixing, as well as balancing some things out.
For this purpose we also handed a test version of our current build out to higher tier Patrons on monday, and we continue to push out more builds throughout the week until the release is ready.
(please note that some content is still locked due to bugs and balancing adjustments)
(the second build has also been pushed out today)

The screenshots you can see above are ingame screenshots of the current build.

As you can see, we tried out a new hentai system by blending in a screen wide CG and a 3 lanes system for progression of the CG.
Depending on which "obstacle" you hit, the CG will advance in specific directions.
(basically, it's not a linear progression but different things happen on the CG depending on which obstacle was hit)

I think that it's for the best when people see this ingame themselves, so I'll stop here.
One of the upcoming blogposts will be announcing the release date of the game.
There will also be a public demo release alongside the release of the full version of the game.
So you can look forward to that one!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Seventh progress report

As I wrote in the last report, we decided to push out roughly 2 reports til release (this being one of them).

Since this question came up a bunch of times, let me get this out of the way first:
"Wasn't this intended to be a game to be done within 2 weeks?"

Yes, indeed.
But before the second week ended we had pretty much all our "must have" goals fulfilled already.
Because of this we decided to tackle ALL our "optional goals" as well because things were going really smoothly.
Cres finished all of her work (must have + optional) 2 days over the initial "2 week deadline" and returned to working on Deathblight RPG ever since.
Thus no damage is done since we're financing the extra work on this project purely with our own private money.
(as a random note: we've been financing this project largely with our private money, only Cres not working on Deathblight RPG for roughly 2 weeks is the sole reason why we hand this game out to all 5$ upwards Patrons, but everyone else was payed using our own money)

Also none of the team members currently working on the Francesca Mini Game have any work to do with Deathblight RPG.
Ultimately this means that Patrons will get an even bigger, better game in the end, at no extra cost.
So I don't think this should be a problem at all.

As for the optional goals:
Almost everyone on the team is done reaching all their must have + optional goals.
(in some cases they are 90% done, in other cases they are done already)
The bulk of the work is finished and we've been putting everything together in the game, so after that is done, what's left is testing and balancing stuff out.
We basically expect to have a demo for selected Patrons in the next couple days.
(high tier Patrons get the demo first, and then we make it available for more and more Patrons from there)
Since the game is more refined and has more content than we originally planned, we thought about selling the game on multiple platforms once it's done.
So you don't have to support us on Patreon to get your hands on the game.
(yes, as I mentioned above, we plan to hand it out to 5$ Patrons upwards)
There will also be a public demo going along with the game release, so you can try the game out first.

With that question out of the way, on to the actual progress report!

Boxman finished the tileset and finished work on almost all the enemies in the game.
(I think only one is missing, as well as some polishing here and there)
Zhuan finished the writing and is currently in the middle of implementing it into the game.
Blade is currently implementing all the graphics into the game, as well as doing some testing and polishing wereever possible.
Illustrious was too busy with his real life job, so we had to hire another composer to get music done in a short time frame for this Francesca Mini Game.

Basically, we hired OverCoat to get the music done, you can listen to some of his previous works here:

Depending on how things are going, we might release another progress report before the release happens.
After all we're intending to deliver a polished product, so please be patient.
We hope you're looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sixth progress report

Crescentia finished another base CG, so all that's left to do on the CG scenes is finishing the last CG scene on Saturday's live stream.
After that there might be some polishing left to do on the CG scenes, but the major amount of the work has been taken care off.
Boxman also made some great progress on the tileset, as you can see in the picture above.
While Blade and Zhuan made some progress in their respective fields (programming and writing).

Technically, today the 2 week mark is reached, but we figured to include all the optional goals from our optional goal list.
(the "must have" content as well as some of the optional goals had been fulfilled already, so we figured we'd just push it all the way)

As I mentioned in previous posts, it's only mandatory for Cres to return to her work on Deathblight RPG, since noone else has work to do with that one.
(Blade already finished the mini game implementation for Ferania's Job, so only the graphical work is left to do for the next release)
And since that works out as planned, it's no problem to let the rest of the team work on the "2 week game project" for a couple more days.
(also please note, that polishing it up might take a bit time too, but we'll let Patrons play some earlier builds of the game)

To give you a better understanding so you know what we had on our optional list for the Francesca game:
- a sewer area with tentacle monsters (also CGs for them)
- some powerups and talismans for magic
- simple building interiors, so you can enter some of the buildings (not all of them)
- some more enemy types (mostly humans, aside from the tentacle monsters)

Since the brunt of the work is done, I won't be writing progress reports every two days from now on.
(especially because Cres and I will be getting back to working on the webcomic as well as Deathblight RPG)
But you'll certainly see at least 2 progress reports before we release the game.

I hope you're looking forward to those!
See ya!

Yeah, no daily live streams anymore.
Next live stream is on Saturday 21:00 GMT+2 like usual.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fifth progress report

After the weekend we're back in action.
But keeping the current pace up is really straining, so we're happy to slowly get closer to the end of the project.

Cres finished the variations for the first CG scene which will have text accompanying it.
In the meantime, Boxman worked on the sewer area of the game.
While Zhuan fleshed out more of the writing.
Blade is still working on the hentai system.
Still all going pretty much according to plan, so well in fact, that we decided to add the optional goals from our list and improve the game during a third development week.
Cres will most likely return to DB RPG after 2-3 additional workdays past the original 2 week limit.
(by that time Cres will have all the optional goals on the CGs done)
The rest of the team will stick a couple days longer to this project, but this is not holding up DB RPG since they are not working on it anyways.

I realized I haven't written much about the heroine of the game yet.
So let's briefly talk about our heroine, Francesca the dark elf.

Francesca is a pretty self confident and sex loving girl in general.
She's quite energetic, cheerful, and loves to live out her desires without any restraints.
For this reason it's not surprising that she'd choose sex to earn money in order to win her bet.
To her this is fun plus she get's payed for it, which is like killing two birds with one stone.
Of course her goal is to get payed for having sex, but since she loves it too much it might happen that she drowns in the pleasure and loses sight of her goal.
(which then leads to one of the game overs)

Our dark elf heroine in this game is a "toned down" and more "modern day" version of her original medieval version.
In which she's a dark spellcaster, capable of summoning demons and placing hexes on others, who slays her enemies by using a huge maul.
Since we toned her down in this game, she just uses a metal pipe to get rid of "customers" who are not willing to pay.
Francesca looks quite cute in general, so even when she's angry, she still looks cute.
Because of this her medieval version usually wears a dark mask which makes her seem more intimidating, though she's still so small.
So she's small but dangerous!
Her modern version we see in this game however, is not as dark as the medieval version.
So we see none of her "dark side" in this game.

In this game she's just a regular dark elf girl who wants to win the bet she has with her rival by doing what she loves most (sex) to earn money to win the bet.
We're thinking about giving her some measure of spellcasting via Talismans in this game.
But it won't be anything super powerful, and certainly no demon summoning.
(even though her medieval version would be capable of that)

We hope you all look forward to playing the game with her!
See ya!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Fourth progress report

Cres finished the facial expression variations for Annabelle and Lesath so we can use them in the dialogues.
Also the base CG for the first CG scene has been finished as well.
Cres finished so far:
Character dialogue graphics 3 out of 3
Combat CGs 3 out of 3
CG scenes 1 (base done, variations still need work) out of 4

Boxman also finished the graphics for Francesca, as well as did some good progress on the tileset.
(as you can see in the posted picture above)
Zhuan drafted the writing for 3 of the CG scenes and will continue to polish it up the next couple days.
While Blade is in the middle of programming the hentai system and will get to building the level/stage after that.

Today I'll drop some information on the level/stage of the game:

As you can see, the tileset is a pretty simple city style tileset.
The game will be about Francesca running up and down the same street every day, collecting money from various customers via hentai scenes.
(there's a mini game system for that in the "hentai system", I'll probably talk about it in one of the upcoming blogposts when we have some visuals for it)
As the days in the game progress, some new parts of the stage "unlock" and become accessible.

We plan to not only have the street though, but also building interiors of some buildings (not all), which will be quite simplistic.
But it helps to have some variety, and not only have the streets to "play" on.
Other than that, we also plan to make the sewer accessible as well.
Tentacle monsters are lurking down there, but despite the dangers it might pay off to visit such a dangerous place.

Please note that building interiors and sewers are both optional goals on our list.
But since we decided on selling the game, we figured we should include these optional goals, even if it means working on the game a few days longer than the planned 2 weeks.
(no worries, as the progress currently stands we're pretty fast and Cres will return to Deathblight RPG in no time, most of the team has nothing to work on Deathblight RPG (no pixel art, no writing from Zhuan etc.) so we're pretty fine with adding more stuff to polish this game properly)

And yes, even if we sell the game, Patrons (5 $ upwards) still get it for free as bonus for supporting us.

At any rate, I hope you're looking forward to the next progress report!
Same as last time, we're going to have our "weekend" tomorrow and on monday as well.
(at least Cres and I do)
So we are not going to work on those days, and we'll be back on tuesday with a live stream again.

See ya!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Third progress report

The first week is basically over, and we made great progress during this week.
Cres finished a graphic of Lesath today, who is a supporting NPC for Francesca.
On tomorrows live stream Cres will work on Annabelle's dialogue graphic, she is the rival Francesca makes a bet with.

Blade wrapped up work on the text parser, combat system, and is going to work on the hentai system next. While Box finished most of the pixel graphics for Francesca and will work on the tileset in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, Zhuan writes the scenes for the victory and game over hentai scenes.

This time I'll fill you in on the story of the game:

As I mentioned on the last blogpost, Francesca is running up and down a street to collect money from customers so she can win a bet she made with her rival.

But how did this happen in the first place?
Without spoiling too much of the story, here's the rough idea:
Annabelle and Francesca are "old friends" but somehow they are still rivals.
They have a pretty competitive relationship, and one day Annabelle laments about not having enough money to buy [Redacted].
(no spoilers, sorry haha)

Francesca criticizes her for spending so much money on "useless" things, and this angers Annabelle. Both women, eager to prove the other that they are in the wrong, decide to do a very risky bet. The winner being able to command the loser to do whatever they wish them to do.
(this applies to both of them)

The content of the bet is: Who makes the most money in 15 days.
Annabelle, who is rich by default (rich Ojou-sama type girl) probably has less troubles winning the bet. But Francesca has a plan, which basically leads her to do all sorts of lewd things she loves to do, in order to earn money. This leads to the situation our heroine, Francesca, is in, and why she's doing what she's doing.
(she would probably still do it without the bet, but the bet puts some "pressure" on her to perform extra well, so that's that)

Basically, no matter how this bet will end, you will all get to see some good lewdness!
(hentai scenes appear during gameplay, game over, and on victory as well)

The dialogues, as well as the CG scenes leading up to all this are written by Zhuan.