Friday, May 14, 2021


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to drop you guys a note about the release of our first merch:

A Ferania dakimakura cover! :D

You can get that one here:


There are also NSFW versions available, and all versions can also be chosen with glossy lips instead of Ferania's standard red lipstick.

Hope you like her!


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Summary of 2020 - DB RPG and DB GR

The contents of today's post had been posted on our Patreon months ago, as well as have been throughly discussed on our Discord server multiple times, which you can find in the link below.
It's a publicly available Discord, so feel free to join!


This blogpost also serves as a summary for 2020 kinda, so I don't need to repeat answering questions that are regularly coming up.

2020 was frankly spoken a disaster for me on a personal level.
I get that everyone had a horrible 2020, but added to all the covid shenanigans and everything that was going on in the world, I had some really devastating "personal" problems that were not related to that at all.
Let's get right into it.

In 2018 I expanded my team using my own savings.
Most of this money was actually inherited money from family members that passed away.
The people I hired, I of course paid regularly and in full.
I never failed to pay wages, and I always upheld my part of the deal.
Deathblight Guilty Raid was ENTIRELY self funded.

That explains where the money I had came from, and why I had such big expenses in the end.
The expenses are documented, and MOST of the people I hired actually finished their work.
Anyone who disbelieves this can hop on our Discord and just ask around, there's enough people who can confirm that I paid them thousands of USD over the course of many many months, and those are also the people who delivered.

Now throughout 2018 to 2020 we've been working on Deathblight Guilty Raid.
And the expenses hit roughly spoken 50 000 USD in the end.
The first demo version should have come out in April 2019, and it would have been possible.
But there's been delays and I was too nice and understanding to certain people, so instead of firing them I gave them the benefit of the doubt and pushed on.
I continued paying wages of course.
I also dealt with burnout around that time due to the sheer amount of stress and extra work I had, but I somehow managed to move the project forward.

In February 2020 I learned from a friend of mine that my programmer, BladeFire, lied to me and hated working on the game.
Roughly spoken, he admited to my friend that he was not doing his work properly on purpose.
I gave him a chance to come out himself, but he didn't do so, so eventually I confronted him about it shortly before the demo release of DBGR, and he gave me a bunch of excuses, nothing more than that.
Deathblight Guilty Raid had it's demo release in April 2020, but I suspected that this would be the end of the game due to BladeFire's dishonesty and lack of work ethic.
The way I planned the project, he was to finish all the remaining programming, I didn't have any time in my own schedule to do that myself.
And with him not doing his work and backstabbing me, there's just no way it can ever be completed.

Since then he repeatedly told me that all of this "was just a mistake", and that he "didn't mean it".
So I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but not give him any more money.
After all he failed to deliver what I already paid him for, and I wouldn't give him more chances to exploit me.
He delivered, at most, 33% of the work I paid him for, and I'm being very generous here.
Promising me he would finish the game "without further payments", as I already paid him for it to begin with, I decided to give him several months before I make any public announcements.
(we talked with our fanbase on Discord about it though)

And well, to this day, there never has been a single something on DBGR he could show me.
So with this blogpost, I hereby "officially" announce that the project is absolutely dead.
I invested 50 000 USD into it, with the exception of BladeFire, everyone did their job and what I paid them for.
It's just that the programming is the critical component missing, and thus the game can't be delivered.

I am not willing to hire someone else to do the job.
Nor do I have any savings left to pay another programmer for work I already paid Blade for.
I can't do the work myself due to being busy with all my other work.
So the game is simply dead.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only bad thing that happened to me in 2020.
Patreon contacted us around October 2020 and asked us to make changes to our content and to drop Deathblight RPG entirely.
We had a lot of back and forth, trying to figure out what needed to be done and where the issues lay.

In the end we decided to remove all adult content from Patreon, because the way they "judge" if something is okay or not is really blurry and not quite consistent.
So in the end, to stay on the safe side, we decided to drop all adult content completely from Patreon.
There's only ecchi and nudity at times, but I believe that falls into "mature content"?
At any rate, that's that.

With Deathblight RPG no longer being funded, and with the game never going to be sold (that was our promise from the beginning), there is just no way it can go on.
So this project is dead as well.

Will there be new games in the future?
Sooner or later, yes.
I started making hentai games as a hobby back in 2012, and I became a full time developer out of necessity.
Since I really love hentai games, I always want to create some.

But I can't say when or what the next game will be at this point in time.
They will most likely be self funded and NOT funded by Patreon or anything like that.
Which means I need to recover my savings first and establish a budget to work with, or perhaps find some other way to pull this off.
People who work on projects like to be paid, so without money I can't possibly do it as noone worth their salt would work for me for free.

Until then we will just be doing webcomics since that has proven to be the only reliable source of income we had all these years, and you gotta stick to what makes you money.
Finally since only Crescentia and I (Wolfenstahl) work on these, there are no delays and no disruptions, as we never failed to deliver a webcomic page in like 5+ years and more than 450+ pages of doing this.
Which speaks for itself.
If it's just Cres and me, we can pull things off no problem.
If we need to rely on other people, which unfortunately for game projects we need to do... it get's wonky.
Still, despite these bad experiences, once I recovered from this I do want to try hiring people again, someday.

That being said, feel free to join our Discord and hang out with us over there!


See ya around.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Deathblight RPG beta2 public release


Hello everyone!

Have some Minori maid café job update on the blog.
There's going to be more news soon, but for now just enjoy the Beta 2 of DB RPG!

Download here:

Click me!

Have fun!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Progress Update (2020/09/20)


Hello everyone!
Time to write another progress update.

As you can see above, more Esmoda battle sprites were made.
The fourth character is a bit odd in Ahrimans code for Asagi, since the forth character only got one set of clothes instead of normal clothes + slave clothes.

We figured we follow that since we want to avoid the game to explode with bugs.
It's like with spaghetti, pull one noodle and you never know what else gets affected by it :'D

Soooo, the demons simply think Esmoda's outfit is lewd enough already, especially when the top gets removed and you can see through the transparent part of her clothes, haha^^

I personally find it pretty confusing to figure out what kind of graphics Esmoda needs since the charactersheets of the fourth character differ heavily from the first 3, so I can't just draw what the other girls had and call it a day. 

But I'm getting there and I don't think there should be a lot battle graphics left to draw^^

As for the Catheline job, Wolf is still working on that one.

Anyways, hope you like the new Esmoda graphic and that's it for now.


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Deathblight RPG progress report (August)

Hello everyone!

Here's a new progress report for Deathblight RPG.

As you can see, Cres already worked on the graphics for Esmoda.
The Catheline job will still need more time before it's implemented, but we're already making progress on the subsequent update, so rest assured that work is being done.
In case you haven't read our last couple updates, since we (Cres and Wolf) are the only two remaining on the team and we have to take care of all the responsibilities left to us by the team members that have left the team, we need to work all of that into our own work schedules, and that's quite tough.
(those who know us are aware that we always keep our plate full and never idle, so having that extra workload from other former team members on top of that is a problem for us)

Our sincerest apologies for the delays.
We're on it and tackling this one problem at a time.

Anyways, in the picture above you can see two new graphics for Esmoda, so as you can see, progress is still being made.

And that's all for now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Important thing about Deathblight Guilty Raid

Hey, Wolfenstahl the head of Team Projekt Wolfenstahl here!

Even though Deathblight Guilty Raid is NOT Patreon funded, I still figured it's best to inform everyone about the recent changes on the team and how it affects the project.

Our programmer has fallen ill with a serious illness recently (not covid-19).
Because of this he can't continue working for us for the forseeable future, and while there's been some issues with the programming all along during the development, this is basically a huge problem now.

I've been spending more than 47 000 USD (which are documented) out of my own pocket (savings, money from commissions and hired work, as well as money I inherited from family) on developing Deathblight Guilty Raid, no one else has money in this, so while I understand that people are going to be sad about the news, I'm technically the only one who has truly "lost" something in this entire matter.
People can say what they want, it's a simple fact that I'm the only one who was harmed in this entire case and you can trust me that I'm really upset about how this went.
Definitelly more upset than anyone else.
I looked for ANY realistically possible way to save this project, but for the time being there is no satisfying solution.

But to get back to the topic again:
Since the project was planned to be carried by an entire team, not only a single person, and I don't have time to work on this myself, it is now "stuck" and I can't exactly say when it will be continued.
My own work lays with community management, the webcomics, team leading and several other things like Deathblight RPG etc.
So I don't have any time left to work personally on DB Guilty Raid's programming and I'll have to see which solution may apply later down the line.
For now the project is halted indefinitelly, and I have effectively lost 47 000 USD at the time of writing this.
This is no joke...

I already weighed all possible options, from hiring other folks (unreliable) to dropping other projects (not a good idea) to basically anything else that came to mind.
In my opinion, the best course of action is for me to carry on with my other plans, and wrap up DB Guilty Raid once I have time to do this myself, personally, without having to rely on anyone else.
But I can't say when this will exactly be the case, as, as I stated earlier, I'm burried under a mountain of work which is more important in my opinion.
DB Guilty Raid was simply meant to be carried on the shoulders of an entire team.
So when our programmer dropped out for good, that was simply doomed to happen.

DB RPG experiences some delays due to this as well, as I assigned our programmer to do stuff on this one as well.
But given the situation, I'll have to take care of this personally.
So while there will be noteable delays, DB RPG will continue and Cres will be continuing to draw graphics in the meantime.
It simply means the upcoming release is delayed, but progress is still being made in the meantime towards the next update after the upcoming release.

I hope you all understand.
In case you have questions, feel free to ask anytime!

Best regards,


I don't want to hire a new programmer at this point in time.
I know Blade (our old programmer) in RL and there's been some trust issues I have towards him due to how things went down with DB Guilty Raid.
So I'm less willing to try my luck with someone I haven't met in RL and I'm not willing to put an entire project as well as even more money on some unknown person I can't get a hold off in RL.
I hope you understand!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1 release!

Hello everyone!

This is the public release of Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1!

This Demo includes the following:
-1 Playable character: Safiya
-First level out of 3
-5 CG scenes

It's first and foremost a gameplay demo, so no dialouge scenes are included yet.
Also some other content like power ups and the like are yet to be included.
That is to come with the demo v2.

If you encounter any bugs, please let us know through commenting here or on our Discord server:

Also once again, this project is self funded. It's not funded via Patreon. So you don't need to join Patreon in order to get access to this game.

If you would like to join Patreon anyways though, you can find us here:


Download here:!29UViIAb!In1O4GC886CMCGubZDW1d0QiEtQxXBW5AIcbXAsnZIw