Deathblight Character List

This character listing is OUTDATED for a long time now.

I did a lot of changes on the characters personalities and other stuff because of the webcomic, but I decided to leave this "as is" so people can see how things used to be. Maybe I'll remove this category sooner or later, maybe I'll even update it.

Here is the list of characters that are making an appearance in the webcomic.
They also have a possibility of becoming playable characters in our current game project.
Most of the clothing-style depicted here is modern clothing.
So the characters clothing in the webcomic differ from the ones depicted here.













  1. Yay, out with the old, in with the new :) Thank you for the list, it really helped me sort my favorites

    1. You're welcome ^^
      I might make some more improvements on the list by adding some important information about the characters.
      But at the same time, not too much information...
      I'll think about it a bit more and add the extra information in the upcoming days, once I've got time to do that.

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  3. HEY! Just a question Please! Do you have actually an "Bunny-Girl Demi Godess"? I really Like Bunnies = D I am imagining if there would be a Bunny Demigodess she surely would (should?) be cheerful, shy and fearfull this would be sooo cute! XD

    Well, my current favourite animals are after all: 1. Ratel (Honey Badger to be more specific) (Honig Dachs) 2. Cheetah (Gepart) and 3. Hare (Well Bunny too but Hare´s are bigger and faster ... and somehow wilder XP)

    Well a Cheetah is already there, (Chiira)

    But although my favourite Animal is the Honey Badger
    (because I found out that there is NO possibility in the Animal World to hurt a Honey Badger because of it´s VERY durable Fur and Skin, Not even Arrows, Spears and machetes are enough to pierce it´s skin)

    BUT that´s not all The honey Badger is also complete imune against any (Animalistic)-Poison the worse that could happen to the Honey Badger would be that it faints for a hour until the effect of the poison wears off
    This Animal is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as THE bravest of all Animals since the Honey Badger even challenges Lions and Water Buffalos AND because it´s unpassable Skin and it´s feisty and perhaps even aggresive behavior mostly even Wins A Honey Badger doesn´t know Fear at all He he! XD

    Well, like I wanted to say in the beginning,: Altough this Awesome Animal is my Absolute number one, I somehow doubt that it will appear as Demigodess among your Characters . . . well I would love too see it appear but, I somehow don´t think that you will do one . . . right? = / Well If you DO then please Say so >.<

    But I guess it will be more likely to see a cute Bunny / Hare Demigodess . . . so Why not? Or is there already one? = D

  4. Sorry but this whole thing pisses me off. You make good characters and story and then turn it into a hebtai game? Where all the girls get fucked? Just remove the hentai part and it would be a fantastic series. You'd get more views and it may become popular if so. Dont waste time and money on a damn hentai game what's the point? Turn it into an actual game, a real series not a series for fan service or for pervs its ridiculous. I love all these characters so much that I believe they deserve better. These characters caught my attention. But shouldn't these girls be in a REAL game? Not always fucked? C'mon bro. Makes me sick to my stomach seeing dudes creating crap like this. Women aren't sex toys or objects. Just remove the hentai and this series and game will be kick ass and awesome and will be even more popular, trust me. And yes I'm a guy, a feminine male not sexist. But seriously please don't make it hebtai I'm begging you. I'll do anything if you make it non-hentai. I love your style of art and characters and I want to see the series thrive but it can't if its hentai.

    1. Well I like it the Hentai way XD but perhaps there will be a Option to turn of thew Hentai for those that are more interested in the Gameplay ; P

  5. And can I ask that you give them more clothing? Like a cool trench coat or battle outfit? That would look cool. ^^