Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fixed version: Paperheads 20121202 trial ver0.9b

I'm surprised myself that I had the time to fix it this fast.
I fixed the issue with the loading system, the game should work now for everyone.
(I simply deleted it and replaced it)

In case the game has problems, place it in a folder like "C:\Paperheads".
Don't use special characters or spaces in the folder name.

Here is the download link:
[Paperheads 20121202 trial ver0.9b]

Thanks again for all the feedback!

I also talked to the team regarding the CG-scenes text.
As some of you noticed, we removed a lot of the text from the game.
(maybe some of you remember the poll/vote about this matter)

So far all the texts had been written by me, but I'm currently pretty busy with school, other real life stuff, as well as programming, managing the blog (yeah I still do it myself), and doing several other things. Unfortunately I can't manage to bring up more time, and the rest of the team is also pretty busy.

We also want to pull this off as fast as possible, since we're already working way too long on this game. So even if someone else would write the text, we still need to implement it into the game, translate it, etc.
(unfortunately, this is not really an option, since all those actions would cost us extra-time, for reference, please read the older blogpost regarding the poll/vote)

The good news is:
We are currently doing our best to finish the game this year, if possible.
All that's left to do is the last 2 bosses, as well as the 3rd stage and a bunch of CG's.
(yup, obviously, we didn't implement everything we worked on into the current trial version)


  1. Thanks a lot for fixing the loading screen problem so quickly!

  2. Now it works great! Thanks! One thing, it would be great if, in the final version there was something similar to unlockables; for example, "Naked Mode" or "Invincible Mode". Looking forward to the final version.

  3. i dont understand why do i get this error after seeing a cg
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Key Press Event for Key
    for object obj_CG2_Paperhead_single1:

    Error in code at line 1:
    textbox += 1
    at position 1: Unknown variable textbox

    1. It seems that you're using old save files?
      They are actually not compatible with new versions of the game.
      (and they are causing that kind of bug)

      If you only use the data that comes with the new version, there shouldn't be any problem.

  4. i get the same error, like unknown does. and im not with the old save files. i get this error only when i get defeated by Chao and when i drink the Blue potion.
    P.S. somehow i got stuck between the edge and the ground when i jumped

  5. Hi!!
    Wonderfull game!!! Really!! :) I knew it a few days ago, but i really like it!!! The cG is awesome and the gameplay too!! I hope the full game arrives soon!! :)
    Good job guys!!! Thanks!!!
    sorry for my bad english!

  6. Now then. For a few minor tweaks that i think are required this is truly an awesome flash game. I'm always on the hunt for these kind of thrilling flashes. To be honest only several things need more work.

    1. Personally i think the resolution of the character HAS to be increased (just a bit) and if possible - add a zoom option.

    2.As some of the previous observers have noticed on other forums for your great work, the mashing of the V and X button is just too much - pipe it down a bit :)

    3.A few more poses are needed. Not many. Perhaps - single Paperhead doggystyle; Doggystyle threesome; riding threesome and etc.

    4. More CG! Of course it's a whole lot of work, I understand that, but i've seen the changes from the previous versions (with the added CGs) and I'm very satisfied.

    Naturally this is only productive criticism, and my personal opinion, and what I'm asking of you is a lot, but to be honest. With the few tweaks and the finishing of the 2 remaining stages, you, my dear Wolfenstahl will have created a MASTERPIECE among Hentai Flash Games !!!

    For now I give it a 9/10.
    Keep up the good work !!!

  7. a very good game
    but an update would be nice
    are there problems with the release?

    1. we had just been distracted by real life issues.
      currently we are working on the game again.
      so it shouldn't be long before the final release.