Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paperheads 20121201 trial ver0.9

Well, finally it's here, one of the last demo/trial versions before the complete release of the full game.
It contains the complete 1st stage of the game.

You can download it here:
[Paperheads 20121201 trial ver0.9]

If you've played any of the old versions you'll notice considerable changes.
(especially to the overall difficulty and difficulty of the grab-system)
In case you think the game is too easy now, feel free to switch the difficulty in the options menu.

The ingame tutorial works now too.
Please read it if you need help with the game.
(it's short and it has screenshots)

Have fun playing the game!
And please give us some feedback, especially regarding the boss-battle.



  1. doesnt work for me, it says failed to create engine or something like.

    1. FATAL ERROR in
      action number 1
      of Step Event
      for object Loading_Engine:

      Failed to initialize loading engine

    2. I have the same. Windows 7 64 bit

    3. I have Win 7 64 bit too, but I don't have this error message myself.
      It's a bit weird and I can't fully understand why this message appears.

      Anyway, I decided to remove the part of the loading system that causes this.
      (this should fix it for sure)
      I just need a couple of days to accomplish this.
      As soon as I fixed it, I'll upload the new version.

      Thanks for reporting the bug.


  2. great job but the text on the h-scenes is bugged and didn't appear.

    1. In fact it has been removed on purpose.
      On one of my older blogposts (and the vote) I was discussing the issues that come up with the text.
      (regarding translation etc.)

      So the decission has been made to remove lots of the text.

  3. Hi there. I just wanted to say that I can't even get past the loading screen, it just stops there. I had no problems with any of the older versions.

  4. Hi Wolfenstahl
    i think this game need story for CG scenes
    players wanna read about her poor fate and feel situation of rape
    this version's CG scenes are so short and end too fast
    beacause u removed all texts

    its really bad for enjoy this types of game
    u need to write about her story text for CG scenes again

  5. And don't write short text
    i think little long story make immerse to game for player

  6. players want to know "what are they doing"

    show "resist of verdani" and "insult of rapers"
    and finally her "fate of sex slave" will be
    make some fun for players
    if verdani don't resit to rapers,players cannot
    feel about forced ending

  7. Excellent work on the new update. Lowering the health of all the baddies was a smart choice. In the previous version they took too many hits and tended to group up too much because of that. It was an unnecessary difficulty that is made more manageable by having them be defeated faster. Weaker, but more plenty, is definitely the way to go.

    The major critique I would offer is the lack of any text during the CG scenes. I know you posted up a vote that ended up with less so it would be easier to translate, but it feels like it's missing a special something something. I would recommend still have more text, the simple, "She couldn't escape. Game Over" just doesn't seem to do the job that well. I get the sense that some story should be on display during the game over sequences and it just feels off. I really really think you should put them back in. I would like to know what the first level boss says when he defeats Verdani.

    Keep up the good work, you'll be getting my money when the final product hits. Also, love the look of the new artwork, a vast improvement on already great art. Kudos to you and your team.

  8. Thanks a lot for all the feedback.

    As I already mentioned I'll try to fix the "loading error" issue.
    (I already know how, I'll just need the time to do it)

    And since the CG-text seems to be really important, I'll talk to the team about it.
    Maybe we will increase the amount of text, so it's not too much, but also not so few.
    (anyway someone needs to write it, so we have to see who's got the time for this etc.)

    Thanks again for all the comments.


  9. after downloading the trial i have to say, i really miss the CG scene text XD but this is still very good dood