Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music implemented - final testing of the demo

Good news, everyone!

We've got all the important pieces of music for the demo version.
So the critical release condition has been fulfilled!
I'm just doing some final fixes, small adjustments, as well as... uh... yeah... "blocking" some of the content that's not supposed to be in the demo version.

I also implemented some sound effects, but lots of sound effects are still missing.

After I'm done with these things, I'll hand the demo-version out for testing.
If no critical bugs get reported within 48 hours after handing it out, I'll release the demo-version on this blog.

So... yeah... I'll finish work on the demo-version today or tomorrow.
That means it'll get released on this blog in about 3-4 days, I guess?
(if no critical bugs get reported... otherwise it might take a couple days longer, but I believe this won't happen)

Geisterhand still needs only ~250 MB Ram on my notebook.
The game also starts up pretty fast.
So yes, I'm convinced the final version will run on nearly any computer ^^

I also want to thank everyone who helped correcting the tags on the Paperheads gallery.
(the stuff I mentioned in the last post)
Thank you very very much!

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  1. Can't wait for it! Kind of wish I was one of those early demo testers, I'm really eager to see what you've got in store this time...