Friday, September 27, 2013

Slow progress and stuff

Well, I guess calling it "slow progress" is really optimistic.
We had all our hands full with real life stuff, so we didn't do much on Geisterhand the past weeks.
(jobs, problems, other stuff that has priority)

Just in case people might wonder:
We are currently not working full time on this.
But we did in fact work full time on this, as long as the money raised from Paperheads allowed us to.

The reason I'm saying this is, so people hopefully understand why we did a lot of stuff a couple of months ago, and why progress is getting slower and slower lately.
So don't expect any announcement of a release date, as this game will most likely take a couple months (at least) until it's done.

We also planned to add some stuff, so the developement time is being longer than originally planned.

Planned additions for the future:

First of all, we decided to include hentai sprite animations for every enemy.
But keep in mind, that since I don't like this to interfere with the gameplay itself, the animations ONLY happen when Sheylas HP drop to zero.
(so when she is K.O)
Instead of respawning automatically, you will have to press a button to do so.
So you can enjoy the animation as long as you like.
Also, we need to do voice recording for this, I guess.

The CG scenes only come up, if you lose all your continues.
(so this stays the way it is)
Also there will be a "skip CG scene?" question at the beginning of a CG scene.

Regarding the controls, there will be an option that lets you switch controls between 2 preset settings.
Controls A - will be the regular controls as they are now
Controls B - will be modified controls, based on the feedback I got from several people

Since I can't really cut down on the number of buttons for the skills etc. (since it just feels awkward, in my opinion, but I understand that everyone sees this differently) it's just a different button layout.
But no changes in the number of buttons or gameplay.

I mean... I don't want the player to hold down a button to charge an attack up.
(since holding down too many buttons is bad, and might cause trouble on certain keyboards)
And I also don't like the idea of letting the charged shots charge automatically, since they use up SP (energy) on use, thus lowering the SP with every shot, making the player unable to use the SP for the bullet time/time alter mode.

Well, that's everything for now.

I updated the links on the right side once again.
If you haven't done so already, you probably should check out the hentai games from cheshireCat and Kajio.
They both released their games some time ago.




  1. I've been meaning to ask but, is it possible for you to sell the games by yourself too? I understand there would be one middle hand less, and the gamer would have to pay less :D

  2. i agree with sharcuzi, altho my reason is because i can't use DLsite (i tried once and it didn't end well) lol

  3. I've already answered this question a hundred times:
    Unfortunately we can't sell it any other way than DLSite.
    At least there is no... legal (or lets say, methode without breaking any ToS? whatever...)... way, of doing this.
    So we can't risk it, since our boss doesn't want a locked down paypal account, or anything else that might get locked down/frozen/banned.

    As far as I know, you need a japanese credit card (or bank account) to buy from JP DLSite, but you should be able to buy stuff on the english DLSite instead.

  4. i never saw it asked before honestly (i asked before but i never got a reply) but i mean i tried to make a account (on english DLsite btw) and it was acting screwy but i understand what you mean dood thank you for answering my question tho

  5. Sorry to hear things are delayed. If you all need any assistance, whether technical or financial, please don't hestitate to ask.

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  7. Thank you very much for linking to my website.
    I added a link to your website too.

    I like how your game looks, and the character is really cute ^^
    Keep up the good work!

  8. I have a suggestion that you can do to monetize your game beyond dlsite. You could sell your game and future titles through bandcamp. You can bundle a .txt to a album and use it as an unlock file for your game. Just in case if you're looking for a track as place holder just ask me I'll give you a loop or someone who can give you a doodle track to bundle with your unlock file.

    The topic discussing about bandcamp.

    I'm also using it for my regular and adult titles as well.

    Adult Title Page-
    Bandcamp Page-

  9. Hope the project is still going. Any news?

  10. It's on hiatus since the end of september, and so far it doesn't look like we will continue to work on it in the future.
    (this might change sometime in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it)

  11. That's too bad... it looked like you had most of a game. This was one of my most anticipated releases. Hope you decide to come back to it.