Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Geisterhand on hiatus - new game project

After months of silence, we decided to return with a new game.
Yes, a new game... which means, Geisterhand is (at least for the time being) still on hiatus.
(probably even forever? but  who knows...)

First of all a short explanation for everyone who's curious as to why Geisterhand is on hiatus:

Simply said, adding the hentai-sprite animations made it necessary to change too many things on the already existing game, furthermore the translation process and the implementation of the text was too tiresome...
And yeah, while those are just a few reasons, I think that they are the most important ones.

Well, we haven't worked on the game for the past 6 months or so, so it's kinda difficult to pick it up.
(Cres improved her drawing skills as well, so there would be another big difference in the quality, which kinda... leaves a weird impression, at least if we continue the work, and the new stuff looks way better than the old stuff)

So, what about the new game?

Instead of presenting you a wall of text in this post,
I thought it would be better to do several smaller posts in the upcoming days.
So stay tuned!

One more thing though...

Possible new heroine:


  1. YEay. I knew there was a good reason for checking this blog every day

    1. I'm glad to hear that we have some dedicated fans ^^

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  3. I can see the improvement from the above pic, nice :D
    Looking forward to see your new game, and still hope you can finish Geisterhand later ;)

    A bit off-topic...
    - Paperheads: I still remember there are some scenes have more than one CG in the old trial version (e.g. cg1, cg2), can you please also upload those abandoned CGs?
    - I also remember there is another blog which used to post your artworks, but I lost the link, can you post the link again please?
    Thanks ;)

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't have those CGs anymore.
      As far as I remember, it was just one CG scene with about 10 variations.
      (nothing more than that)

      The other blog isn't used anymore, but you can follow Cres here for artworks:

    2. I totally forgot to link Cres Pixiv ID:

  4. FUCK YES!!!!

  5. Hello, I support a game called Malise and the Machine, I'm a great fan of your work on Both Deathblight and your games etc. I'd just like to say thank you for being apart of this world and creating the best content I've ever seen (The stuff I see here tops most of the greatest artists on hentai foundry, not to mention games that I've played) Whatever you do I support you in your endeavor's however I can keep up the good work.