Saturday, April 26, 2014

Which heroine to pick?

In the last post I presented a sketch of a "possible" new heroine.
Well, Cres and I were talking the past days about several different possible characters.

One thing we're certain is:
The new heroine should be a kemonomimi.

Which means:
Wolfgirl, Catgirl or even a Dragongirl (or some other animal-girl).
(just for those people who don't know the differences: unlike furries, they have less fur, and look more like humans, except with animal ears, tails etc.)

We haven't settled on a heroine yet, but we do have our favorites.
In the end, it's personal preference which kemonomimi type you like most,
as well as which heroine you would pick, there isn't any particular up or downside to it.

Of course it's most likely that we will choose the heroine by ourselves,
instead of listening to what others say.
(because well... I guess nearly everyone would like a different heroine)

BUT! Since I'm curious, I'm going to ask you guys (and girls) anyway:
Which heroine would you pick?
(you can give multiple votes, if you like more than one)

To make the decision a bit easier, I'll present you a few possible candidates:

Ivalaine (Wolfgirl)

Ferania (Wolfgirl)

Catheline (Catgirl - Liger (Lion + Tiger))

Chiira (Catgirl - Cheetah)

Here is a better drawing with her, but she will get different clothes if we decide to put her in the game:

Stella (Dragongirl)

The designs can still change a bit.
Some of the above drawings are just sketches, and yes, Chiira doesn't suit wearing a skirt.


  1. After seeing a preview for a cg set with Ferania and Sheyla, I would love to see Ferania in action. Sheyla is prefered but again, Ferania looks fun.

    Have you considered consequences/debuffs game mechanic? For example in a paperheads style grapple she could lose a round and get afrodesiac pumped into her mouth and she then enjoys the ravishing, or if the tentacle latches onto her tits and finishes they get bigger for a time and she cannot run, or if the tentacles finish inside her she gets pumped full of eggs and cannot jump for a duration and has a belly bulge. Imagine if all these where reflected in the animations if she gets caught again.

    Just some random thoughts. Thank you for listening and making great games.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions and feedback!
      While I think it's most likely not happening in this game, I think your ideas could be used in a sequel.

      I mean, doing all those extra graphics is a lot of work.
      (it could very well end in being "too much" work)
      But if we do a sequel, and if we would re-use some of the already made graphics and add those suggested features on top of it, it would work out.

    2. Glad I could assist in the creative process. I got ideas for all sorts of debuffs based on that system. Another example would be in the case of human sexy time; leaving her with a debuff for the particular hole that they finished in, making her wetter and easier to use that hole(harder to resist, they finish faster) the second time and maybe even easier the third time around as she gets more loads. The debuff stays with her the rest of the level for more difficult gameplay experience.

  2. Ferania with another mascot girl would be nice :3

  3. Stella or Ferania I'd say.

    I love dragons, so a dragon-girl is automatically great in my eyes. And Ferania is close to a "mascot" almost, so seeing her in an H-game would be pretty interesting.

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  5. OMG your back XD well not to sound greedy but ..... i want them all in ^^ (personally i like the catgirl the most but i am really biased XD) but i would like to see all 5 girls get in? maybe as a "pick a char" sort of thing?

    (sorry about the 1st post, i accidentally pressed the wrong button when i was trying to edit a misspelling XD)

    1. damn it i mean "reply" not edit XP (i hate my labtop sometimes)

  6. I'm glad your back! I like all of the character designs and I believe whatever you choose will be a great choice.

  7. Hmmm... I am definitively gonna go with Ferania in this case, I just wanna see her in action. I loved paperheads(though I recall just the hell of getting all the game over images X) ). Anyhow cheers hope to see more of your work!