Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some random thoughts & stuff about the webcomic

I'll get to the random thoughts later in this post.

First of all I want to thank everyone who supported us so far!
Thank you very very much!
(I can't say this often enough)

1. Stuff about the webcomic
2. Some thoughts about Patreon (and our current game)
3. About the character list and (possible) gameplay changes

cowgirl (minotaur) sketch, possible character for the game

1. Stuff about the webcomic:

Currently the webcomic is very much hentai-only, but we want to change this with the next chapter.
Of course, I'm avoiding spoilers in this post.

There's one final page for the hentai scene with Claire, and then about 4 pages that "resolve" the whole situation, as we can't possibly leave her like that, right?
And yeah, after that we'll start with the official first chapter of the webcomic.

We'll jump back about 5000 years in time, into a high-fantasy setting (Orcs, Dragons, Demons, Knights, Wizards etc.), when the adventures of our main characters just started.
At first we'll focus on Ferania, Minori and Chiira, and around the end of chapter one or the beginning of chapter two we'll include Claire, Aurora and Catheline as well.
From that point on, all of our 6 main characters will be appearing in the story frequently.

Also the first chapter will pretty much contain no hentai at all.
(well, maybe a one page short scene, but that's it, and yes, I'm currently planning the details of the first chapter, the rough draft is already done)
Future chapters will contain around 2-3 pages hentai, some ecchi, some jokes and of course lots of story and some fighting scenes.
(so, from around ~12-20 pages per chapter, expect to have ~2 to 3 pages hentai, sometimes more than that)

The promotion chapter having this much hentai was pretty much an exception.
But if we manage to get more support via Patreon, it's possible that we do "side stories" like this from time to time!

I hope that this is a balanced decision, that allows us to make some progress in story telling while still showing some hentai from time to time.
In case our fans (you guys) think otherwise, please feel free to tell us!
Since we're doing this webcomic for you, we're obviously depending on your opinions.

2. Some more thoughts on Patreon:

Currently I'm thinking about possibilities to connect our game stuff more directly to our Patreon page.
(which is currently only for the webcomic)

We have not decided on anything yet.
But if we actually manage to make more money via Patreon, we could avoid using Offbeatr.
Which in turn would mean, that we'll save a lot of money.
(Offbeatr takes 30% of the raised money)
And yeah, if we get money, we would be able to add more characters to the game.

One purely theoretic thought right now is, to actually give patrons on Patreon access to alpha versions of the game. And, if we actually get enough support per month, we might be able to give out the game for free for everyone!
(yes, you heard right, free hentai games... but this only works out if we get enough money to live from it via Patreon, so it's not 100%ly free... a lot of people would get the games for free, if enough people support us)

But of course patrons would get the newest version earlier than everyone else.
(I mean, there needs to be some sort of benefit for our supporters, and this is the least we can do)

There's lots of Patreon pages for hentai games that work this way, they release free hentai games, but are being carried by Patreon. And some of them make quite a bunch of money per month.
Our main issue is lack of funds, which constantly slows down game production, as we need to look for other jobs and commissions all the time.
So if we at least manage to get a fraction of the money others get via Patreon for their hentai games, we should be able to make a lot more progress.

But well, that's purely theoretical thoughts for now.
Also it's not that simple...
I mean, just because you're able to deliver some awesome content doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get the money for it. It's all about reaching a lot of people that might find your project interesting, and getting their attention for your project.

And yeah... I guess that's something I'm not good at... I suck at marketing lol
But probably it will work out somehow, someday.

We have not decided on any of this yet, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on this matter anyway.

3. About the character list and (possible) gameplay changes:

With that many flying characters on the character list (1 dragon girl, 3 harpy girls), I thought that I should probably also change the way I think of the characters "classes" on paper.

This doesn't change anything with the characters itself, but it gives me a better overview of the whole character list. I need this because I want to have characters in the game that have different playstyles.
So I need to have a good overview in order to decide on which ones to pick.
(and yes, obviously my decisions will be influenced by popularity votes anyway)

Also I'm thinking about "maybe" doing some sort of popularity vote soon.
This will be a temporary character popularity poll with NO effect on the final list.
I'm just curious about which characters are more popular and which ones are less popular.

That's it so far.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!


  1. Hi, I think connecting the game with the webcomic on Patreon would definitely be a good idea, maybe publishing some screenshots and concept art on Patreon would attract more patrons. Anyway, I really like your style, just one thing - could you create some list of characters with their drawings? I am getting lost in their names and searching old posts is not optimal :/ I am going to consult my account if I can support you, keep up the nice work ^^

    1. Sounds good!
      We decided on connecting the game with Patreon once we've got some actually playable content. It won't be much... but at least it will contain the basic fighting system plus at least 2 animated hentai scenes.
      (and we'll be continuing to work from there on onwards)

      Regarding the characters:
      Okay, I'll do a list with the characters and create some section on the blog for them. (I'll do that in the upcoming days and announce this in a seperate blogpost, probably along with a popularity voting)

      Thank you very much for your support! ^^

  2. Hey Cresi? Just a question. will you do Impregnation stuff in your game??( or even in an other one?) (I know surely that you wouldn´t do it in the webcomic [even if it would be even more awesome with pregnant szenes to read ^^] so at least in the game i would wish to see something like that ^^) something like Game over pregnant szenes/CG´s or even like in "Hounds of the Blade" and "Parasite in City" impregnated while playing and then in a short while the "thing" (no matter what it is) get bird? it´s just so that i´m a HUGE impregnation/pregnant in games Fan -^.^- so I would be High gladly if you would give me the opportunity to have my favourite point in games in one of the games of my favourite Game developer XD

    well just an Idea and you know if you take this or not is alone YOUR choise = P

    ps here the two games that I mentioned bevore (if you want to try them out - Just 4 Fun or to find more inspiration for the pregnancies) -^.^-

    Thanks and please don´t forget to answer (even if only to say no to my wishQ.Q) XP

    Pss: Is your hand feeling/geting better?? =( Did it hurt very much?? How did it happen if I can ask you that °°) Psss: Could it be that you are from Germany?? (or with German speach at least)

  3. If you want to ask questions to Crescentia, you can ask her on her tumblr.
    She doesn't look at this blog that often, so you better ask her questions over there ^^
    I linked it at the sidebar in the blog (just click on the "tumblr" banner).

    Well, we had pregnancy stuff in Geisterhand (playable demo at the Geisterhand section on this blog).
    In the current game there might be pregnancy, but no birthing.

  4. Oh . . . ok . . . =( so no birth = /