Sunday, November 2, 2014

current game project info

Lets talk about what's planned for this game!

But before we get to that, I have good news for all of you guys and girls out there that can't wait to play a demo version of this game:
Well... we decided to release the game VERY early on to our patrons on Patreon.
(most likely, if everything goes according to plan, we'll be able to do that in about ~4 weeks? maybe in ~6 weeks... it won't be a polished version obviously... but it should contain basic gameplay and of course hentai stuff!)

We will also update it on a regular basis.
Most likely, there will also be a very early demo version made available to the public.
But this "public" demo version won't be updated frequently.
Also our supporters on Patreon will get the full version of the game, once it's done.
(well, they'll get the newest version all the time, but I still thought I should point this out)
And yes, please keep in mind, that those early demo versions are not representative of the final version of the game.

Why we decided to do that?
Well, the two main reasons are:
- more money/funds for the game = more/faster progress
(eventually more additions/bigger games in the future)
- more early feedback = more adjustments can be done in order to (hopefully) create a better game

Ironically, those two things are what we lack most.
So I hope our decision to stick with Patreon fixes that in the long run.

What's planned for the game:

I made some adjustments to the concept, and this is what we currently have in mind.
(yes, we already started working on the game)

Two playable characters:

We tried something different with the pixel style this time.
I hope you like it!

4 enemy factions/groups:

- Kemonomimi Bandits (Catgirl/boy bandits!)
- Orcs (and goblins)
- Witch-Hunters
- Demons

Each faction/group has it's own game over scene (game over CG scene with several pictures) with the heroines.
Not every enemy has it's own game over CG!
So the whole group shares one CG.
(we wanted to do a small game, and this is the only way how we can achieve this)

5 game over CG scenes:

4 for the factions, 1 for the final boss.
"Maybe" we're adding another faction, but for now we'll leave it as is.
These CG scenes are not animated, but they'll have several pictures per scene and they'll have text (narrative).

Hentai sprite animations:

Quite a lot of them actually.
They're faster to make than CG scenes, so we're delivering a lot of them.
However, only male enemies get H sprite animations!
For example, there are female Kemonomimi Bandits too, but they don't do hentai stuff with the heroines. (and nope, the heroines can't do hentai stuff with them either)
This way we have a clear distinction between who does, and who doesn't have hentai sprite animations.
If we include tiny enemies like cave-bats... well... they won't have any hentai sprite animations either.
(but I think this is pretty much obvious, still I thought I'd better mention this)

With these measures, we should be able to include ~12+ enemies into the game, while roughly giving ~8 of them hentai sprite animations.
Which is pretty much manageable, I think.

And yup, those are all "ingame" hentai animations, no game over needed in order to see them.

How will the gameplay be like?

I really want to do a rogue-lite game this time around.
So I actually picked parts of the concept of Feranias game (the last game we worked on), and decided to use it on this one.
However, there will be some more platforming, and some actual leveldesign.
Since this is a rogue-lite and not a metroidvania, there will be no backtracking etc.

Sion and Medusa will fight lots of enemies, while using magic spells (and occasionally close combat attacks).
And they'll also need to do some platforming in order to reach the exit of each "area".
I guess it's better to cover all of this in seperate blogposts, using graphics in order to explain stuff.

Anyway, expect more fighting, less focus on platforming.

I'll do more blogposts this month, depending on our progress.
Next blogpost will most likely be about the enemies.
Some concept art and pixel graphics.

And as always, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


  1. Just a question will you do never girl enemys with hentay animation/attak? Or just here? Cause i like lesbian enemies = (

    1. For the time being it's just in this game like this.
      We needed to decide on "how" to decrease the workload of the whole game project, in order for it to stay a small game, while not making the game boring.
      (well, it's all just theory right now, but I think it will work out)

      So, we increased the number of enemies, but made the decision that not all of them have hentai sprite animations.
      Having female enemies not doing hentai stuff to the heroines seemed like the easiest way to do this.

      Future games might have female enemies that do that kind of stuff.
      But I can't say for sure now.
      (it's still in the future, and it depends on a lot of factors, though I'm not against including stuff like that)

    2. Puh ^^ what a relief! It would be a real shame if you woldn't make never a lesbian enemy ^.^ since i am one it's naturally why i like it so much = ) well there is actualy one point that i like more or even most = ) that would be impregnation.
      >///< I not only love gamrs with it, but i also srarch a lot of games that contain these 3 points 1 lesbian(Yuri) 2 Impregnation ( even more if it has x Ray) and 3 birth ( or something similar like egg laying) well these are my most important points in porn games ^^ and a reson why i would buy a game (sometimes even without knowing the game as long as it has these points) XD ok this was it (at first) i hope it didn't disturbed =*( and thank you for your games until now and in future >.< and of course thank you for the manga = )

    3. I'm happy you like the game and the webcomic/manga ^^

    4. Wow your answer was short . . . •.• well anyway Of course I do! You are going in the right direction, what i want to say is just the idea of Wolfenstahl as a comic AND a game is pretty awesome! I would love to see even more abouth Ferra Chira and co. In the Comic AND i want to see them in action in an awesome game too XD I'm expecting a lot of fine work from you guy's = )

    5. Actually... I'm Wolfenstahl.
      The other stuff is called "Deathblight".
      Please don't confuse this ^^

    6. ?? But Isn´t Wolfenstahl the Name for the Ferrania Game?? -°.°-

    7. I never "officially" named the game with Ferania.
      It's not "Wolfenstahl", the game is actually named "Deathblight Apocalypse".
      At least that's the working title, and it's most likely staying that way.

      I won't call a game "Wolfenstahl", since that's my nickname and I think it would be confusing to name a game after myself.

    8. Oh, what a pity it would have been a most splendid name for this game = ( Why I had this thoughts? Let me introduce you with the reason:
      Wolfenstahl is a german combination of Wolf and Stahl (Iron) in english words this would be The Iron Wolf so and now to the connection between Ferrania and Wolfenstahl (Iron Wolf) the name Ferrania is made of the Spanish word Fierro (Iron) so in the end the connection is : Iron = Stahl = Fierro and since Ferrania is a Wolf Nekomimi AND has the Iron part in her name we could nearly say that Wolfenstahl has the same signification as Ferrania -^.^-
      Puuuhh this was a lot of stuff in my head XD well i only wanted declarate the way I was thinking,
      = )so please don't get mad at me ok? >~< I meen this whole name circle was a real genius Idea from the one that gave Ferry her name
      ; P

    9. Huh?
      I'm actually quite impressed that you're interpreting way more into this whole matter than myself (and... I'm the creator/author lol)

      I just need to correct you on a couple things:
      Stahl = Steel, which isn't exactly the same as iron.
      Nekomimi = Catgirl, Ferania is no cat, she's a wolf.
      "Kemonomimi" would be the correct term, it's the general term for animal-human hybrids.

      And "Ferania" is actually "Ferania", not "FeRRania". (one "R" not two)
      Her name has nothing to do with iron.
      On top of that I never took any word of any language as "basis" for her name.
      I actually took random letters and build up her name like that.
      (same for Esmoda, Neamera etc. I do that once in a while... building up names by adding random letters, until it sounds like a satisfying name I mean)

    10. oh, äähh . . . ups? hehe . . . weeell . . . now I look like an stupid brat XD Bur well . . . your Version is even cooler ^~^"

  2. Hmmm, sounds interesting! I hope all goes well and the Patreon will bring what you need :) I just hope the game won't be too hard, i suck at platformer games ehh.. I know you like games to be challenging, Wolf (you've mentioned it in your some previous post) - I have been fighting the Paperheads bosses forever lol. Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed, good luck guys :)

    1. Thank you very much!

      I already thought about ways to make the game easier on the easy-difficulty.
      And I think it's a good thing to get early feedback in that regard too, as we aim to make a game that's enjoyable for all of our supporters.
      (and yes, there will also be a hard-difficulty then, but I have no idea yet how this one will look like, I do have some ideas, but I need to test out stuff and get some feedback about it)

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on the demo :D

    Are the CG's going to be like Geisterhand then, or will we see more poses during the Game Over scene?

    1. The minimum will be what we had in Geisterhand. (different facial expressions etc., and overall scene progression)
      Maybe there will be something like a second pose on some CG scenes, but not on all CG scenes.

  4. Character sprite looks nice! Sion seem to have a much wider hip than Medusa though.
    Do you have a name for this project? Mixing melee and range combat would be interesting.

    1. It's the angle, since she's not standing in the same pose as Medusa ^^
      At least I asked Cres to make different poses, running animations etc. for each one of them.
      So they have more than just simple, visual differences.
      Since they would have differences in their stances, casting poses etc.

      I hope it works out without looking awkward or something...

      I'm still struggling with coming up with a good name.
      (Usually I do have a name for the game in mind when starting a project, but not this time)

      Hopefully I find the right balance between melee and ranged combat.

  5. Hey Wolfi I have just a question ^^ Do you have someonein your Team that understands Japan?? (Like Paching it?) You know Japan to English or so on °.°

    1. Excuse me?
      I don't understand what you're trying to say there.

    2. Well there aren't just you and Cresentia right?? Doeas anyone of your groop understand japan??

    3. If yes I have an offer, yes i know you are very busy but if you could patch me one or two games I would 10€ per pached game what do you say?? Well it depends if tjere is some one that speaks or understand The japan language ; P

    4. The cowgirl from Lightning Warrior Raidy! Yay, good times....
      Sorry, off the topic :)

    5. Yay ^^ I just love Cow-Girls (Minotaur) they are sooo cute >.< the always have huge breasts a cute tail even more cute ears and little horns sooo cuuute >[]< I really hope that Team Wolfenstahl take already a Cow girl XD

  6. "And as always, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!"
    Oh, duh, guess I'll stop being an anonymous watcher and call it "long and annoying question time !" (btw, these questions/thoughts are the same for all game of that kind, and only my points of view - which is often wrong or inappropriate)

    First, how will you handle hard mode ?
    Just my biscuit on the topic, but I dislike stuff like "increasing monster damage/health", and find stuff like "different enemy IA/attack pattern", or "different enemy wave" (I mean, more varied/dangerous combination of enemies) more attractive.

    Second (largely based on reading something while "rewarding player with a game-over screen is bad" (not my point of view btw)), why not also rewarding them based on how quick (and or other scoring mechanism) the player beaten the game ?
    For example, unlocking difficulties, enemy replay mode, or better, juicy screen (or scene), or (if you already have them) shows game artwork.
    I guess It'll be a "nope, too long", but if you like, maybe, for a future game...

    And lastly (and more annoyingly), why not Yuri ?
    - Is there will be Yuri game-over CG screen ?
    (My apologies for the next ones. Also, I assume each enemy have only one animation, and you can't get "attacked" by two enemies at the same time, and that you don't particularly dislikes Yuri, otherwise I wouldn't ask))
    - Since when women (or beast in ecchi game, for that matter) can't molest women ?
    - Isn't diversity good ?
    - Why "Maybe" another faction but (absolutely no) Yuri ?
    - Why not make a faction female-dominant/exclusive with only female enemy, or with female hentai instead of male ? (you've already said why, I know T^T)
    - Have you thought about making minor differences between same-sex (faction's) monster (like color-swap, (with eventually some added details/accessories)), that way you could reuse animation, gain some time, and use it in... whatever way you want ._.
    - Why not having a bit less enemies, but all of them with h ? (like, instead, 9/10 enemies with scenes. It's only my take on the matter, but I find it kinda wrong when some enemies can't do stuff to you while most can)
    - Take 2 : Why having non-perv' enemies ? (I think It'll be quicker (and I can be wrong) to make "minor" versions of one enemy (like changing it weapon, color & IA) over adding new monsters)
    - If really nothing change, will you add a tiny notification somewhere in the game saying "female mob aren't pervy !" (Without reading about the "only male does e stuff", I'm totally sure I would try -for a long time- to do ecchi stuff with other monsters, before googling it and feeling disappointed)

    Then, again, sorry for the (probably) annoying post, coupled with (probably) bad English.
    And, promise, I won't be asking for "please add yuri" again for that project (though I will probably answer there).
    I just hope some idea I've said were interesting, and that you'll think (if not already done) a bit (like... at least 5 secs ?) about the yuri stuff.

    1. It's not annoying, don't worry!

      Difficulty mode:
      It really depends on the game.
      On the current game with Sion and Medusa I plan to increase/decrease the number of enemies that spawn in each area.
      Also, with higher difficulty there will be more strong enemy-types.
      Those would be more rare in lower difficulties.

      Yes, those rewards and options could be part of future projects.
      But on this one, we're trying to keep it to an absolute minimum.
      So it's unlikely that we'll implement stuff like that into the game.

      Regarding the yuri:
      Well, I already thought about all the things you said while planning the project out.
      (usually I plan a game before starting to work on it, and I usually put a lot of thought into it)

      So, there are several reasons for not giving female enemies hentai animations.
      The kind of game I have in mind with Sion and Medusa wouldn't be fun to play, if there's only ~3 enemy-types per area.
      Because of this, I had to increase the number of enemies...
      But increasing the number of enemies, would also increase the number of hentai animations, which could totally blow the game out of propotion (we want to do a small game after all).
      So I thought a lot about how to solve this.

      One idea is, to add enemies like bats, or falcons etc.
      They're small, and noone expects them to have hentai animations.
      But that's not enough!
      So after thinking a bit more, I remembered what Kyrieru said about his game.
      He included machine/robot enemies, who have no hentai animations.
      This way, the player is able to distinguish which enemies has hentai and which have no hentai animations.

      Sion and Medusa are in a high-fantasy game... so no machines here.
      I put more thought into it, and figured that I could declare that all female enemies, have no hentai animations.
      Knowing this, the player can clearly distinguish which enemies have hentai and which don't.

      Plus, female enemies usually have ranged attacks.
      If they "would" have a hentai animation, they would need to get up close.
      Which would make them more vulnerable.
      (if I include a button for the player to drop to the ground, the player could use this to lure them in and kill them in close combat)

      I hope this answers all your questions ^^
      And I hope you understand why we decided to do things this way.
      We really try to keep the scale of this game as small as possible, while still creating an enjoyable hentai game.

      Also, please continue to ask questions in the future!
      Thank you very much!

      Future hentai games will maybe include yuri hentai.

    2. Thanks for the clarification ! It seems like my fears about the difficulties setting where totally unfounded, yay !

      And, yeah putting it that way (or simply by adding "female enemy = ranged"), it totally makes sense why you're doing thing that way. Too bad for me, all female seems to be ranged T^T

      Well, I guess I'll wait the demo to spend my frustration on the poor monster who don't let their female counterpart handling heavy and long phallic objects (like... big swords).

      Until then, I hope that project will go well !

      PS : thanks for the info ! I'm really hoping there will be yuri in your next game ! But, well, anyway, it's your so I'll respect your choice even if there isn't, and I'll start by hoping your current unnamed (?) project will be succesful.

  7. sry If I ask you this but where was the Picture of the Cow Girl you did? I can´t find it ^^*

    1. It's several pages back, on this blog.
      I didn't delete it, it's still there.

    2. Ähh well i know i just wanted to know in what blog part but well . . . i also can just search everywhere ^~^* this will need a hell of time . . .

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Wow, they don't have an edit function?


    Anyways, really looking forward to this one!
    I'm content with it not have that "metriodvania" feel in terms of game-play, but it seems to match "metroidvania" in terms of art, and overall that seems really amazing!

    1. Yeah, there's no edit function.

      I'm glad you like it, hopefully we'll be able to show some screenshots soon ^^
      (well, this will most likely take a bit more time)

  10. This seemed interesting....Oh well, I can understand shelved games. I just hope this one comes to fruition somehow!