Thursday, November 20, 2014


The first enemy group we're working on is the catgirl/catboy bandit group.

As bandits they're mainly agile, but have lower HP than the other factions.
Overall you could say that they're the weakest of all the enemies.
But don't underestimate them!

Male bandits:

Female bandits:

There are 2 types of female bandits, they either have a bow or a whip.
Most likely we're going to swap some colours for the final version, so it's easier to tell them appart.
These are just first pixel graphics, so there might be even more changes.

We've been busy with lots of stuff in the last couple days.
But hopefully we're able to concentrate on the game in the upcoming weeks.
Well, at least we're making progress again!

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

I also swapped the "slave traders" out with the "Witch-Hunters" for several reasons.
The Witch-Hunters are part of the webcomics future storyline (they're an important part of the Deathblight world) and there are also gameplay-reasons for including them.

One of the main reasons:
As Witch-Hunters, they mainly have armor and weapons that are effective against magic users.
This makes them basically the most dangerous faction in the game, as the main characters both rely on magic.
And I figured it would be more interesting to have them as enemies, instead of simple slave traders.

Well, they'll get their own blogpost anyway, so I'll stop here.


  1. I suppose Witch-Hunters does make them sound more competent then slave traders. Although I guess nothing stops them from selling the girls INTO slavery after they're done with them, but who knows.

    Now me being the deviant I am, looking forward to seeing the H-bits of the game, ohohohoho.

    Nice designs as always though!

    1. It certainly sounds more competent, yes ^^
      I also thought that the division of Witch-Hunters that fight against the heroines would be sealing their magic off and selling them as slaves afterwards, that is, if you lose against them.

      And I'm glad you like the designs!
      Hopefully we can show some hentai stuff soon.
      (this will still take a while)

  2. Kris said it; nice designs. I remember a mention of this being rogue-lite? Does that mean there is little/no saving of game progress?

    1. Thank you very much ^^
      And yes, that's right.
      As this should be a small game, I thought one successful playthrough should take around ~20-30 minutes.
      That is, if you manage to overcome all obstacles, which mostly shouldn't be the case on the first playthrough.
      (the more experience the player has with enemy attack patterns, the easier it should get)

      Random generation and fighting different kinds of factions should hopefully add to the replay value.
      I also wanted to add more and more spells along the way.
      I just hope this doesn't end up being a large game...
      (at least in theory, this should be smaller than the game with Ferania)

      Anyway, since a successful playthrough should take around ~20-30 minutes, I think no saving of game progress is necessary at all.
      (however... a CG gallery and animations gallery would be nice of course, it won't be available at the start, but I'll surely add it later on)

  3. Replies
    1. Will still take a while.
      Most likely not this year (2014), as december is usually a very busy month.
      (Christmas and stuff)

      But we're working on it as fast as possible!