Sunday, December 14, 2014

Status Report

I'll keep this post simple and short:
We're still working on the game, but progress is slow.
(well, it's christmas time, and things get really busy at this time of year)

And yeah, we're also working on the webcomic and other stuff (commissions) as well.

However, I've spend the last couple weeks with getting back into programming.
I've optimized and finished some of the stuff for the upcoming game with Sion and Medusa.
Mainly the CG script thingy (difficult to explain, but it's the script that is responsible for displaying CGs, effects, and text etc.) and some other stuff.

Lately I've been throwing all those things into a testing-game for testing purposes.
But since this only consists out of place holders and stuff, there's not really anything to "show".

Anyway, things are working as intended.
I'm going to do some testing and programming on dynamic lighting and random generation in the next couple days/weeks.
(dynamic lighting just for the lulz, while random generation is needed for the Sion and Medusa game)

So, don't expect any demo release in december.
But we're still working on it!

Please tell me if you're interested in my thoughts about the stuff I'm programming and about the progress I make.
It's not much to write blogposts about.
But I might consider writing more often on Twitter about those things!


  1. I'd like to see a bit more posts like this. Just a way for us to see how these games are made, and see what all needs to be done.

    1. okay, I'm trying my best to do a couple more posts in the upcoming weeks, even though some of the content might be a bit boring.
      (so the posts are probably not going to be that long)

    2. That's good, even if it isn't much, it's enough to let us know progress IS being made.

  2. I'm always interested in people's thoughts. Especially when it comes to something I want to be invested in. Showing life/progress is always a good thing, however short it might be.

    1. Thanks for expressing your interest in these kind of things!
      I'll try to report on those things a bit more often then.

  3. Dynamic lighting and random generation? Sounds great! GM's surfaces and shaders are absolutely alien to me now, along with random generation algorithms. I could use some pointers when you conquer them!

    1. I didn't conquer everything of those things yet.
      (still in the middle of learning some of them, though the dynamic lighting seems to work as intended)
      I'll send you a PM on ULMF in a couple minutes, regarding the stuff I've learned so far.

  4. Fröhliche Weihnachten Wolf and Cres and all your other anonymous co-workers ! And everyone here on blogspot!

    1. Thank you very much!
      We also wish you and everyone else Fröhliche Weihnachten/Merry Christmas!
      I hope all of you guys and girls have a couple nice holidays and lots of nice presents!