Friday, February 27, 2015

End of february progress

Originally we wanted to "finish" the test game by now.
But Cres arm started acting up about a week ago, so the only thing we've got done since then is that one webcomic page...

And no, it's nothing serious!
Technically we could have ignored it and still worked on, but we decided it's better to be cautious and take a week off, instead of risking making it worse and not being able to work for several months again.

So... more swimming in the upcoming weeks...
(I really dislike swimming...)

This also means we're a bit behind schedule with ordered commissions as well.
Sorry for the delay!

First we need to finish the commissions, and do a webcomic page each week as well.
We'll invest all our spare time into finishing this test game as soon as possible.
So hopefully releasing the test game works out in march.

Actually, I do have something that I could release right now...
But I really want to implement the few last things that are missing.
(by that I mean, the stuff I wanted to have in the test game once it's being released)


  1. I just hope Cres' arm gets better, just what is wrong with it? I remember she's had trouble with it some time before. And by the way, I grieve with you - the only thing that is good about swimming are the girls in bikini :D

    1. She "had"... the english term is "typewriter's cramp" I think?
      Cres doesn't have it anymore, but back then it took almost half a year to heal.
      Also because the first doctor told Cres to not move her arm...
      But the second doctor said, swimming and moving is needed for it to heal.
      Since then it got better.
      (after about half a year of not being able to work, we first started to do small steps, I mean, working only 1-2 hours per day at first, and then slowly increasing it over time)

      But apparently we need to do a loooooot more sports.
      So we can get back to working a lot again.
      Currently it sometimes works, and on some days she skips work since she doesn't want to risk anything.

      And honestly... lately my wrist starts to hurt as well...
      (typing and programming too much... while neglecting sports/movement too much...)
      But mine isn't serious yet.
      Still I better do something before it becomes something serious.