Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last Demon Hunter patch finally done

So, our first "addon" or upgrade for LDH is finally done.
The Ape Demon is fully implemented into the game.
We've also done a couple of bug fixes and other additions to the game.
The update will be uploaded to Patreon in a couple hours, we'll do this when we upload todays webcomic page.
The public version will be uploaded in roughly 3-4 weeks here on the blog.

Large Ape Demon grabbing Ferania

Here's a complete list of changes:

- Ape Demon has been fully implemented
- 5 more maps the random generation can choose from have been added to the game
- Spawn chance of the girls that need to be rescued has been increased from 20% to 30%.
- Mutant "twitching" bug has been fixed.
- Bug where enemies didn't get close enough to grab Ferania has been fixed.
- Mutants stick to walls a lot less now. (it can still happen I guess, but it's less likely)
- A memory leak tied to the dynamic lighting system had been fixed.
- Skip button for CG scenes had been fixed (press CTRL to skip).

And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!


  1. Awesome work as always, i have a question about the other game your working on Deathblight Apocalypse will we be able to play as just ferania or will we be able to use all the girls (shiwa, chiira minori, claire, etc)?

    1. It's planned to include into Deathblight Apocalypse as much characters as possible, like Chiira, Minori, Claire, Catheline, Aurora, Grizelda, Shiwa etc. etc.
      It depends on how much support we get, and if people are interested in this.

      At first the game will be made with Ferania, and more characters will be added afterwards!

  2. Been looking forward to this update, can't wait to see more from you guys.

    1. I'm glad you like it!
      Hopefully we're able to deliver the next patch with another enemy soon.

  3. Hello ! ^^

    I just test the last patch of your game and i post for give my impressions about the game.

    So, the Ape Demon. I think its a good enemy, his speed increase the difficulty. The game was a bit too easy without him, i think.

    That being said, its hard for me to say that, because...well...i never break the game yet xD
    But i have a excuse ! I'm European and i play on an european computer (azerty). So unless being left-handed for use the arrows (witch i'm not), play in qwerty is pretty hard. But i still complete 5 stage ! x)

    Anyway, the point of that is a demand : can you, in a future patch, can you make a controls menu. So we, europeans will be able to play with our own settings.
    Because i love your work and it's frustrated to not be able to play it completely. ^^

    But still, good job !

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback ^^

      Yes, the Ape-Demon adds a lot to the game.
      I think, the game will gradually get more challenging with each enemy type that gets added to the game.
      Since the player is required to learn the different behaviour patterns etc.

      Regarding your request:
      I'm already in the middle of implementing customizeable controls.
      So if everything works out, I might be able to deliver a patch in the next 1-2 weeks.
      I can't give a specific release date yet.
      But I'll continue working on it as soon as possible.

      I'm glad you like the game, and I hope you can enjoy it even more once I'm done with the customizeable controls ^^
      (just as I said, it will take a bit time until it's implemented)

  4. How many other enemy types are you planning to add, and for each one added will the spawn rate for clothes increase?

    1. So far 3 more enemies are planned.
      (this might increase in the future)

      I didn't plan on increasing the spawn rate for clothes.
      However, while fleshing the game more out it could make sense to give the player options to incease/decrease the difficulty of the game.
      Not by simply selecting easy, normal or hard, but rather by changing spawn-rates for enemies, clothes and other stuff manually.

      That might be an idea to add sometime in future patches.
      I'll note it down and think about it.
      I guess I'll add it to the game sooner or later, as a difficulty option would be needed anyway and this sounds like a more reasonable way to do it.