Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Upcoming new enemy for LDH

As I expected in my last blogpost, we were not able to make much progress this month.
But at least we got some of the work done!
Hopefully we're able to release the new patch mid may on Patreon, and ~2-4 weeks later on the blog as well.

Let me tell you a bit about the upcoming new enemy for LDH.
Beware, there are spoilers ahead, so if you want to be surprised by this new enemy, better not read any further!

Currently the ingame graphics are all done.
(Enemy graphic and grab pictures)
But the CG scene is still missing and is being worked on as soon as possible.

Ape Demon:

The Ape-Demon is a fairly tough enemy.
It has lots of HP, and it's very fast when using it's charge attack.
Overall it's also very strong.
So this is one of the most dangerous enemies in close combat.

There won't be too many of them around.
But don't underestimate them!


  1. Any chance we might get a female enemy for LDH?

    Also, I'm really digging what you guys are doing for LDH, would you consider doing it again for future projects? Releasing a small game, but adding more content over time.

    1. I'm currently thinking about a "possible" boss character for LDH.
      Not sure if we include her or not.
      (if we include her, this would most likely be the last addition to the game)
      Other than her, no other female characters had been planned for LDH.

      I'm glad you like our decission!
      There's plenty of possibilities for doing this on new projects in the future.
      I think, if planned out correctly, it's a good way to develope a "possibly larger" game.
      (but this is probably just my oppinion?)

      First the "core" game can be finished, and if it pays off, addition content that was planned to "probably" make it into the game, can be added later on.
      What I mean by "pays off" is... if a game has no fanbase, it's no real use to upgrade it further.
      (also funding is an important issue)

      So it might be wise to not create colossal games right from the start.
      But rather creating some "base" game in order to upgrade it further.

      Similar plans like this have been made for Deathblight Apocalypse (DA).
      We plan to finish this game with 1 playable character only.
      And later we would like to add more and more characters to the game.
      Of course they all should look differently, and play differently as well.
      (not just stat-wise, but also their special attacks and abilities)

      For DA, we planned to include Ferania in the base game.
      And if possible, upgrade the game by adding characters like Chiira, Minori, Aurora, Claire, Catheline etc. etc. afterwards.

      This is a lot of work, but if we get enough support we'll certainly do it!