Saturday, April 18, 2015

April progress

Phew, this month is kinda like a mess.
I'll simply do a general report about what's currently going on.

So, the webcomic is going smoothly with 2 pages per week.
We hit the 600 $ goal on Patreon buuuut...
The thing is, we realized a couple days ago, that 50 $ of pledges of a total of 615 $ didn't go through!
Technically this would mean that we didn't hit the 600 $ goal, but never mind.
We decided to do 2 pages per week anyway!
(please remember that the first 600 $ go into the webcomic, every extra $ above this amount goes into developing hentai games)

However, this faces us with a... liiiittle problem here.
Actually we're doing more work now, for less money than expected.
Which in turn requires us to do more commissions and hired work to balance things out.
This in turn means, slower/less progress on our hentai games.

Ugh... yeah.

But we still intend to deliver a patch with new content this month, if possible!
If we find some time to do this, between all the commissions/hired work that is...
So we're trying our best (if possible!) to release a patch for LDH.

We intend to include:

- various bug fixes that had been requested
- more areas the random generation system can choose from
- 1 new enemy, with CG scene and everything else

Also, this situation pushes back the release of a public demo for "Deathblight Apocalypse".

If you want to help us to make faster progress on our games, feel free to support us on Patreon.
But more importantly, spread the word about us!
Thank you very much for your support!

[Patreon link]

And yes, as patron you'll get earlier access to stuff as well as some other extras.


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