Saturday, March 28, 2015

So what's next?

(If you're new to this page and looking for the download for "Last Demon Hunter", you can find it here: [click here] )

First of all, thank you to everyone who's supporting us on Patreon!


It not only helps us to do the webcomic, but from now on it also helps us to fund developement of our hentai games. The more support we get, the faster progress will be since we don't need to do commissions in order to pay our bills.

Also we've gotten our first review for LDH by!
They also have a ton of other reviews to other awesome games.

Check it out here:

What do we have planned for the future?

Actually, from this point onwards we'll be working on 2 game projects at once.
One being Deathblight Apocalypse (aka "full game" or DA) the other being Last Demon Hunter (aka "test game" or LDH).

Adding more content to LDH is cheaper and faster, as it's just sketches and less animations.
On the other hand, DA looks way better, but it needs a considerable amount of polish, and the graphics and CG scenes are fully fleshed out.
So this needs more developement time (more funds required).

Deathblight Apocalypse:

Deathblight Apocalypse

The most important thing right now is, getting Deathblight Apocalypse out to the public.
In order to do this, we want to implement at the very least 1 hentai sprite animation as well as 1 CG scene. But... I guess it's a way better experience if we add at least 2 more enemies with hentai animations etc. to the game.
(so yeah, I'm a bit indecisive about "when" to make this game public, more content is always better, but the question is how much progress we're able to make during april, and I really want to show this game to everyone as soon as possible)

Let's just say, I would like to release some sneak peak before the end of april.
But I'm not sure if we're able to get it done between taking care of commissions.
So no promisses here!
(we'll try our best anyway)

Last Demon Hunter:

Last Demon Hunter

Since this game is considerably cheaper (production wise), it's only natural to expand this game.
Depending on how much support we get, this might even mean turning this game into a full fledged game! But of course this is only possible if we get a lot of support.

For the time being we're thinking about leaving this game as a (not fully fleshed out) test game, while still expanding it a little bit.

What expansions can be expected in the upcoming weeks/months?

1. Adding more enemies:

Ghost-Demons, Ape-Demons and other stuff.
Each of them with different behaviour patterns.
(of course each one gets their own CG scene)

2. Adding more areas:

Currently the areas are randomly selected out of a pool of premade areas.
(afterwards the enemies are being placed randomly on the map)
We'll add more areas to the game, in order to make each playthrough even more unique.

3. Adding an escape mechanic:

This is an even bigger task than all the other things planned.
Adding this mechanic requires more CGs for every enemy type, as well as unique areas that Ferania is being held in after she was captured, which she needs to escape from to prevent a "game over".
It's more work than all the other additions, but it's possible to do this with a reasonable amount of effort invested into it!
(also I think it adds a lot to the whole atmosphere of the game, so I think it's worth it)

Of course there is more planned for both games.
But I think these informations are the most important for the time being.
Well, that's all for now.

Tell us what you think in the comments below!
Also, feel free to ask anything about these games.

Totally forgot to point out that LDH stays a free (for everyone) game.
But Patrons get earlier access to new versions.
While DA is being handed to Patrons only, but there will be the option to buy it via DLSite once it's done.
(of course there will be a public demo version of DA as soon as possible, but only Patrons will get early access to new builds, as well as the full version of the game, until it's later being released on DLSite)


  1. Mmm... Another comment, the story is great but the use of the tenses seems a bit off in the gameover scenes. Going from present to past in a weird way sometimes. If you are interested i could send you a corrected version. i have already done the mutant one and it is not very long to do.

    1. Thank you very much, I'll forward the praise to our writer!
      Do you have an account on ULMF?
      You can send it to me over there, though I mostly only log in once a week or so.

    2. Well, did the registration form to ulmf, never received the confirmation email eventhough it was supposed to be sent...

  2. Are you going to paint the cg's in the future?

    1. It depends on how much support we get.
      Well, currently I'd say it's not gonna happen.