Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last Demon Hunter out now!

Here you can download our test-game "Last Demon Hunter", but don't expect too much, it's being called a test-game for a reason!

Quick Hotfix Version 0.31C:
- 2nd key-layout (Arrow Buttons for movement, CRTL for teleport, SHIFT for "Use"/"Open Doors")
- typo corrected in one of the scenes

[Last Demon Hunter download]

Screenshot of Last Demon Hunter (top-down shooter)

If people can't download from mega again, feel free to upload this to other locations as well.
But please keep in mind to link back to the blog.
(well, it doesn't matter that much since I've included links in the game itself... but uh... yeah)

The controls are in the readme.txt
Basically it's WSAD control + mouse.

And yes, expect some patches with fixes as well as some additions to the game in the upcoming weeks/months.
(I didn't find any gamebreaking bugs, but 1-2 small graphical glitches with the dynamic lighting system, I'll look for more bugs and fix them with the next big patch)

If people are interested in this game, and if we get some more support on Patreon, we'll most likely add a couple more enemies to this test-game.
(well, you can still give us your oppinion in the comments below, as well as on Patreon)

Supporting us on Patreon will also gain you the benefit of getting patches earlier than other people, as well as enabling us to work on these games in the first place.
Of course we're working on them anyway... but the more money we get via Patreon, the faster we'll be able to make progress.

With this game we'll officially use Patreon as game-funding platform as well.
And I'll also like to announce, that we're going to continue working on "Deathblight Apocalypse" (the game), too!
I'm talking about this game here:
(this is NOT the test game)

Screenshot of Deathblight Apocalypse

Deathblight Apocalypse will contain hentai pixel sprite animations, as well as the usual high quality CG scenes.
I'm really excited to pick up work on this game once again!
And yes, the more support we get via Patreon, the more we'll be able to work on this.
(because we don't need to spend too much time on commissions and stuff)

There's also already a playable version (not yet released).
And we think about releasing it once we added some hentai to the game.
(which will happen soon, but don't expect this before the end of april!)

Anyway, time to go to bed.
Good night everyone!


  1. typo in imp game over scene, "stockings" is missing the s "tockings"

    1. Thank you very much!
      I'll fix it in the upcoming patch in the next days.

  2. I would just criticize one thing in this demo it's the WSAD key movement since I use an AZERTY keyboard and it's very... Peculiar to move with it xD, anyhoo, I do love what I see and hope to see more of it cumming x) And if I find any bugs, I'll post them to let you know, but atm it's running smoothly ^^

    1. I could implement a second key-layout for the game.
      What key layout would be most fitting in your case?

      (I never really finished the customizable controls yet, and it will most likely take me a couple days to fully figure it out, unless someone gives me some pointers in GMS)

    2. Yeah you could, maybe using the arrow keys and the right control key

  3. Same comment here, i love the game and its mechanics but an option to configure the keys would be great since a lot of non english speaking country users have no qwerty keyboards making these control very hard to use. Great great game though, can't wait to see other game overs^^.

    1. thank you very much!
      I'll do my best to implement a second key-layout for the time being.
      and then take a deeper look into customizable controls during the upcoming days.
      (it will most likely take me a couple days to figure out how it works, so in the meantime a second key-layout should work as a quick temporary fix)

    2. I guess the arrows keyboards must be the same for every country so maybe that is the second keybord that shoud be done. As for the azerty keyboard, "z" is up, "q" is left, "s" is down and "d" is right... Cheers mate, nice game indeed, really like the imp game over.

    3. Thank you very much!
      I'll try my best to implement a second key-layout/control scheme tomorrow.
      Can't promise that I'll be able to make it in time.
      But I'll do my best to get it done as soon as possible!
      And after that I'll spend some time getting customizable controls to work.
      (this will benefit this game as well as all future games)

  4. Okay, minor bug report, enemies seem to get stuck behind desks and twitch like motherfuckers ^^'

    1. I'm aware of that, I'll fix it sometime soon ^^"
      (for now I figured it would be enough if they don't "twitch", I'll implement that in the next couple days <-- first I'll collect some more feedback)

      thanks for reporting it ^^

  5. Just uploaded a hotfix with a 2nd key-layout.
    I hope this helps!
    Also I fixed the typo that had been reported.

    I'll fix the "twitching Mutants/Zombies" in the upcoming days, as this will need some more work.

    Thank you very much everyone for giving feedback! ^^

  6. much better with the new key layout, now i can see how finishing a map can be feasible^^. Thanks. Mmm and i was thinking, don't you think that the gameovers could have a last part after what you have already done that would show how ferania is living a few months after being captured? anyway, really nice game for now.

    1. You're welcome!

      And, yeah, hehe ^^
      Our writer actually wrote additional stuff about how Ferania is living a few months after being captured.
      I just "reserved" those scenes because I thought about including an escape feature.

      If the game is being well received by our fans, and if we get some more support, I actually thought about adding stuff like:
      - more maps
      - more enemies (this also means more CGs)
      - a boss fight
      - escape mechanic, with more hentai scenes if Ferania fails to escape ("months later" etc.)

      and... possibly some other stuff as well.

    2. I second the request for extended scenes. Actually, I just want more of everything. The game is totally satisfactory in its simplicity, and the hentai is top-notch, so gimme moar enemies, game over scenes, and especially Ferania getting knocked-up/mind-fucked.

    3. Thank you very much for your feedback ^^
      We're doing our best to add at least one more enemy + 1 scene (for that enemy) this month.

    4. I third that motion. I really want an expanded game!

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  8. Last Demon Hunter is a lot of fun!

    Bugs or glitches i found by the way
    - one level had locked rooms left and i didnt get anything there, no rescue and no clothing (even though there wasnt any computer left to use)
    - when you get grabbed by a zombie (green enemy) you can face him and then turn slighty to the right until the grapple cg on the left changes to normal and you wont take damage (even though it still is holding you in place)

    1. Thank you very much!

      The first one (doors that stay locked) is actually intentional.
      Sometimes the random generation nature prevents you from entering certain areas.
      (it's to make the game a bit more interesting by sometimes simply locking you out of certain parts of a map, so you never know which doors are opened by which computers, and you also never know if there are certain doors that might never be opened in that particular "run")

      For the zombie thing:
      I'll look into the bug with the zombie/mutant, hopefully I'm able to fix that one for the next patch.

      Thank you very much for reporting it!

  9. Fun as always! What's the tellyporta for anyway?

    1. The teleport ability ist just so Ferania can move faster.
      It has no special purpose beyond this (well, she has the ability in the webcomic and she will have it in all other games as well).
      But she can't teleport when the enemies grab her.

      So it's basically just for moving faster or to teleport behind enemies or dodge projectiles as well as escaping from encirclements.

    2. ... I kinda didn't know what I was expecting, Shame it doesn't work through doors.

    3. If it would work through doors, I think it would be overpowered.
      (also the whole door locking mechanism would be kinda useless lol)
      But in some way it would be funny I guess.