Monday, March 23, 2015

Almost done!

So yeah, I just figured I'd fill you in on the details before the release.

First of all, the "test game" (named: Last Demon Hunter further being called LDH) is a test game, no full fledged game here. Please keep that in mind when giving feedback or criticism.
The purpose of this game is pretty much practice and experimentation and stuff like that, since we've been out of game-dev for quite some time. And yeah, I figured I'd simply share this game with everyone else, since it exists in the first place.
So in the past weeks we've been adding some more graphics and content to the game, in order for it to be a decent test game.
(I believe noone would like boxes shooting at each other, right?)

LDH will be released on the blog (here) and on Patreon as well.
With Patreon getting earlier access to new patches, and the blog getting the patches at a later time.
(this is in order to give our Patrons another "bonus")

Speaking of patches:

If we get some more support on Patreon, we'll add some more content to the test game.
Can't say much about that yet, it really depends on the amount of support we get.

Other than that, we'll continue working on "full games" afterwards.
So every dollar, every single supporter, is very appreciated!
And even small amounts help us a lot in the long run.
But more important than giving us money, is spreading the word!

Once the game is out (in the upcoming days), spreading the word about our stuff is the most important thing there is.
I hereby want to thank everyone who supported us thus far, and also thank you very much to everyone who supports us in the future!
We wouldn't be able to do all this without you.

Current status of the test game:

- CGs all done (3 CG scenes, sketches, so they're black and white only)
- worldmap tileset needs to be done (half days work)
- adding more areas to the game (75% done)

Almost there!
It's just a matter of days now.

What the game is about:

It's a top-down shooter with random generation.
The player plays as Ferania, there is of course GoR hentai in the form of a status-picture at the side of the screen.
(Cloth destruction, changing images, black and white sketches only)
If her HP drop to zero it will be "game over", and as usual there will be a hentai CG scene (black and white sketches as well).

The goal of the game will be to rescue captured girls.
And uh... yeah, no animations here, sorry!
But our next game, Deathblight Apocalypse, will have hentai sprite animations!
So look forward to that one.
(also, Deathblight Apocalypse will be a full fledged game)

I dislike april fools jokes.
I didn't do any of those in the past, and I certainly won't start any in the future.
Just thought I'd point this out, since april fools is around the corner and people usually suspect an april fools joke everywhere...
The last thing I want is people thinking I'm not releasing a game since it's april fools day...
(still I probably avoid posting anything around april fools day... as usual)

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