Monday, July 27, 2015

Public release of LDH v0.46 and future plans

First of all, here is the newest public release version of LDH:

You can find the changelog here:

What is planned for the future?

We thought it would be best to finish what we've been working on LDH since the last patch.
So the stuff we started working on isn't wasted.
What the next and most likely last version of LDH will include is mainly music and SFX, and probably some other things. Since some voice acting recordings are still missing, it's very unlikely that this patch will be released this month. Hopefully we're able to wrap things up next month though.

Other than that, we'll be working on Deathblight Apocalypse as soon as possible!
Most of our supporters on Patreon voted for DA, and here on the blog it seems to be received very well too. (though here on the blog it is as popular as Paperheads 2, while on Patreon DA won with 56% voting)

About Deathblight Apocalypse:

In case you wonder why we hadn't worked on this earlier, this is because DA is a lot more work than LDH. As all the ingame graphics are animated, and the CG scenes are fully lined and coloured.
With only 1-2 days per month (1-2 days were we don't need to work on commissions or the webcomic), we wouldn't have been able to produce results in satisfying intervals.

By that I mean, it was easy to make a bunch of sketches for LDH in only 1-2 days per month, thus being able to release a new version each month so far.
But it's an entirely different story with high quality (full coloured) artworks and ingame animated graphics. (LDH had no real ingame animations of any sort, it was just static graphics "moving" by mirroring the image etc.)

I'll be honest with you, this means DA will only get a new patch every 2-4 months.
Of course if support via Patreon continues to rise, we will be able to put more time into DA and thus release patches more often. Currently we're also thinking about other ways to "solve" this situation, as we don't think that an increase in Patreon support is a given.

And yes, we're aware that there is no way to quickly "solve" this.
But we're thinking in long-term solutions here.
We already have some ideas, but nothing is really decided yet.

I won't lie, basically all of this means:
Progress will be very slow on DA, unless we rack up a lot of financial support.
But we'll put as much time and effort into it as we can afford to.
And of course, we're doing our best to fulfill what we promise our supporters.


  1. Whatever you are planning to work on, I wish you nothing but the best! \(^W^)/
    Everyday, I await your next update whether it be the comic, a game, a piece of art, or simply an update post. I love the work and dedication present here and I am very VERY excited for anything that is created. ^w^
    Work at your own pace and remember that as long as you are enjoying yourself, that's all that really matters. >w<

    Best of luck! \(^w^)/

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and support! ^^

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  3. lol these guys never deliver
    what a bunch of cyber beggars

    1. Well, as far as I can see, we always delivered what we promised.
      The webcomic and LDH proves that we can deliver what we actually promise.
      It also proves that we're not just taking money for nothing.

      It should be quite obvious that without proper funding DA will take a lot longer, since commissions and other things that actually help us to pay our daily needs and bills have a clear priority.
      We're not begging for money, we're clearly drawing a line here.

      The "deal" is simple:
      Funding the game speeds up production.
      Not funding the game slows it down.

      Actually if you look carefully at things, we're a lot more honest than most other devs.
      We tell everyone how things are looking, and people are free to stop supporting us if they want to.

      No pretty lies here, just the plain harsh truth ^^

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  5. I've lost faith in Wolfenstahl. I like your games, love the artwork, but don't see DA ever becoming a real thing. It seemed too good to be true, aand i feel like DA will never see the light of day.

    It's sad since I was looking forward to it. I had a look at your patreon, but you, like others, are charging per month. If it was per game udpate, I would oblige. You're telling me that I can support you guys, but the product may never come.

    It's not a good investment.

    1. I understand your point of view as well as your concerns.
      But things are not as easy as it might seem and I guess you might have overlooked 2 important details:

      1. our Patreon is mainly for our webcomic right now, we actually deliver several pages per month.
      Any "excess money" goes into game developement. Sadly this isn't much, but at least it's something. And yes, the webcomic has been funded before we added the game development on top of it. So it's perfectly legit to charge per month. Charging per game update would not work, or rather it would end up being charged per month anyway, as the webcomic is being released regularly. As far as I know, we're the only ones handling stuff this way (webcomic + games).

      2. game development takes a lot time and money.
      Sure there are some people who do "free games", but most of them take a lot of time (often years) to complete, since they're just being worked on in their free time, while other "free games" might have low quality content only. It's simply unrealistic to expect people to work "full time" on a high quality project without payment. It simply doesn't work.
      Not working full time however means, that it will take a very very long time to be finished.
      And we are not working full time on it.
      Our full time job is currently doing hired work (also for other games) as well as commissions and our webcomic as well.

      That being said, I wouldn't say "DA will never become a real thing".
      I mean, the game is already playable right now, but I don't feel that there is enough content for a demo release yet. If we continue on at the current pace, DA will be fully released (full version I mean) in probably 3-5 years. But hey, that's the "price" of having no funding for a game.

      Don't get me wrong here, I'm neither complaining nor am I trying to convince you to support us.
      I'm just trying to explain here that we're not capable of "somehow" creating wonderful games in high quality, within a couple weeks or months, without any funding at all.
      It simply doesn't work out that way.

    2. Then your Patreon shouldn't say that DA is your "MAIN GAME" since it's really not. I love the work you guys have done, all I'm saying is that I just don't believe in you anymore.

    3. But it's the truth, it IS our "main game", and we're working on it.
      Also the Patreon clearly states that the first 600 $ go straight to the webcomic, plus we never got more than 700 $ per month all these months, that's a mere 100 $ more that allows us to work on games 1-2 days per month. Just because the game is not being "done" next week, doesn't mean it's a lie. What you seemingly expect is simply unrealistic.

      Btw. you do realize that I was the one myself who pointed out all these "negative" things that caused your reaction, right?
      In fact I wrote this blogpost knowing full well the "consequences" of it. (people being angry, disappointed, as well as people stopping to support us etc.)

      Why I've done that you ask?

      Because I tell the TRUTH.
      Just because people don't like the truth, doesn't mean that I'm a liar or that people can't believe in my words anymore. Hell, you saying "I just don't believe in you anymore" doesn't make any sense at all.

      You'd rather have me telling lies like a lot of other devs do?
      (not all are like that, but there are a lot)
      There's a ton of devs telling lies, making unrealistic promises etc. etc. They'll get the big money, no matter if they are able to deliver or not. Because they say what people want to hear, no matter if it works or not.

      And me?
      I don't care.
      I don't want the "big money", I'm staying true and honest.
      I'm the one (indirectly) telling people to STOP supporting me, if they DON'T LIKE where things are HONESTLY going! I'm always telling everyone how things are honestly looking.
      So then people have a basis to decide on whether they want to support us further or not. That's why I'm doing this. That's why that blogpost above contains negative points only. But it's the truth.

      If you don't want to support us, that's perfectly fine.
      That's what my intentions were, giving you a basis to judge if you want to support us or not.
      But saying I'm a liar you can't trust in anymore?
      That's something I don't get.

  6. i'm sad for Ferania behind that box :(

  7. Thank you for another release! The artwork stays great consistently and the writing is really well done. I love the bad ending narrations that have Feraria being mind broken/ surrendering to pleasure, they are really well written and illustrated! (sorry for the misspelling) I hope you guys plan on continuing this theme, it fits really well with the story (and is really sexy)!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! ^^
      We're glad you love it.
      And yes, Deathblight Apocalypse will have similar themes, so we hope you like it as well!

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    1. Ugh, sorry, my browser hiccuped and double posted. Anyways, I wish you guys the best of luck!

  9. I hate to say it, but due to both finances and his news, I'm having to stop supporting you guys on patreon.

    First and foremost, I'm between jobs, so I'd have no choice either way even if my secondary reason weren't existent.

    Secondarily, I was only supporting you guys for LDH. If it's really 'finished' in the next update, then my interest in this is mainly done for now. The game feels like it has so much potential, and to be supposedly done in a state that feels so incomplete and unpolished, along with your previous game being dropped and unfinished, I have little hope that your next game will amount to much if anything.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a game dev myself, I know how hard, time consuming, and costly it is, but I'd rather see a game actually finished and polished instead of being dropped half-baked for another shiny new project, wash rinse repeat. Hell, frankly, LDH is my all time favorite adult game, because it's actually *fun on it's own merit*, the main draw isn't *just* the adult material, it'd be just as fun without the sex and such.

    I'm not saying I'm never going to support or keep tabs on you guy's work again, as I quite frankly feel so much potential in what you've made, but I'm certainly going to be a little more cautious about financially supporting you, at least until, hopefully, DA gets a demo out, and completely blows my mind....and actually gets finished, and polished.

    Either way, I hope I didn't insult or anger you, as it was far from my intentions. I really do enjoy the games you guys produce, I just feel a little nervous as it never seems like you guys truly finish any of your games, and always leave them part way through for the next big project.

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  11. Well, here you have a volunteer if you need some code, a story or whatever you want (not drawing). Im a engineering student so this can help me to practice. Of course I will only help in your public and free proyects and if that improves the games