Monday, July 8, 2013

Geisterhands heroine: Sheyla

Today I wanted to tell you guys (and girls) something about Sheyla,
the main heroine of "Geisterhand".

Geisterhand is german and means "ghost hand" in english.
And yup, it's the name of our second game.

Unlike Paperheads which was a spin-off, Geisterhand is the real thing.
Uhm... maybe I should explain this a bit more in detail.
While Paperheads featured some of the characters you might see in future games of us,
they were almost all out-of-character in Paperheads.

For example:
Verdani wouldn't dress herself like she did in Paperheads.
(originally she doesn't even like makeup)
Also Neamera would never even want to be the boss of such an organization.
While Chao wouldn't work together with Neamera,
and Ledun is "originally" some guy that transforms into a werewolf.
Furthermore the world of Paperheads has nothing to do with the "original story",
or the world the original story takes place in.
(in Paperheads all the characters had been depicted as "normal" humans,
but in the original story all of them are not regular human beings)

That in mind, lets get to the core.


Geisterhand plays in a world similar to ours,
were demons and monsters appear occasionally.
The story takes place in a modern world,
similar to our world as it is right now.

The main character 'Sheyla', isn't an everyday human being.
Aside from firing regular bullets,
she's also able to focus soul-power into her bullets.
This way she's able to fire strong shots with special properties.
(yes, you can view this as "magic", though I refer to it as "soul-power" (SP),
basically I guess it's the same as MP, Mana, whatever you want to call it)
After defeating the bosses she absorbs their powers,
in order to be able to use a new type of charged shot.

Sheyla is really swift and agile,
in fact she's one of the fastest beings on earth.
She accomplishes this by using soul-power to boost her movement (and the speed of her bullets), though she can only keep this up for short periodes of time.
If she uses this ability, her senses are also sharpened to keep up with her movement speed.
The bullet time/time alter mode shows this by reducing the speed of everything except Sheyla and her bullets by 50%.
This means that she's able to move twice as fast as normally possible.
(as well as shooting twice as often,
in the same period of time that the enemies experience)

What's not directly shown in the game:
Sheyla is a trained and experienced assassin,
and she's mainly working as an agent for the government.
Taking on risky jobs is pretty normal for her,
as well as killing all sorts of opponents, including demons and monsters.
Though being send onto a monster infested island is a completely new experience for her.

Sheyla is a pretty sweet girl, naturally friendly and cheerful.
(though beware, some of this is only faked, since well... she's an assassin,
and being "underestimated" is always good)

She's really brave, though she's not that self-confident.
Wait what? Brave but not that self-confident?
How does that work out?

Well, view it like this:
She tends to be brave, but she knows her limits.
Especially because she's an assassin, she likes to pick her enemies off guard,
or surprise them with her swift movement.
If she somehow fails, she's tending to escape quickly.
She likes to pick fights with strong enemies,
but she's not dumb enough to keep on fighting when she's at a clear disadvantage.
Hence she's kinda brave, but not too confident in her skills in a head-on engagement.
Well, since she's a woman she has a disadvantage in strength against most enemies anyway.
At any rate, she knows what she's doing,
and she's being successful the way she's doing things.

If you've got any questions about her, feel free to ask.

On a side note:
Sheyla is the very first character I ever created myself, this happened more than 8 years ago.
I've also used to draw her myself, but currently Crescentia is drawing her.


  1. I love Neamera!

    Hope to see her in the future game!

    1. ***Spoiler***

      Unfortunately Neamera isn't appearing in Geisterhand ><
      Well... in the original storyline, Neamera, Sheyla and Verdani are friends.
      Or at least they work together... which doesn't prevent them from fighting against each other.

      But you can expect Neamera to reappear in the 3rd or 4th game we're making.
      She's one of my most favorite characters ^^
      Though so far she might only appear as minor character or antagonist.
      (well, she has a pretty aggressive personality, and she's a bit sadistic towards others, but this is what makes her unique compared to the others)

      Of course there is still the possibility that "one day" we'll make a game were you can play as Neamera, Verdani and Sheyla.
      But I guess this game project would be too big...

      So far we haven't planned a game with Neamera as main character.
      But this doesn't mean that it's impossible.

  2. What are her hobby´s and what does she like or not like ?? Charakter thing´s and so on ^^

    1. Sheyla's likes to tell the fortune by using tarot cards.
      Tough she doesn't take this too serious.
      (it's more like "fun" to her)
      But it's also a hobby of hers to make talismans for the people she cares.

      She enjoys reading and learning about mysterious stuff, and she's really curious about supernatural things.
      (and miracles, yes)
      Solving mysterys is also something she likes.
      (yes, she is attracted by such things, but she's also searching for explanations or solutions)

      Other than that, she likes to chat with others, wearing nice dresses and singing songs.

      Sheyla loves to eat mocha cake.

      There is nearly nothing she dislikes.
      Well, she can't stand unfriendly people, or people that have biases/prejudices against others.
      But this is more or less basic stuff I guess?
      From all the characters she is pretty much the one with the most tolerance towards others.
      (well, she's used to blend in, or to not stick out too much, which is necessary being an assassin originally)

      She loves being praised... and hates it if she doesn't get any praise at all... especially if she did well...
      (she really hates it a lot, but this is somehow tied to her past... which is a bit too complicated to explain... and it would be a spoiler lol... well.. I'm sparing the details, but let's say it's connected to her family)

      Breaking a character down into... uhm... let's call it a "character sheet" is always a bit troublesome.
      Because there is usually sooo much to know about a character, that it's actually not possible to compress it into a short amount of text.

      Well, people in general can't really be described in a couple of words ^^
      (and yes, I take character design really serious)

      I hope I could give you some more information about her!

  3. Replies
    1. Priceless xD
      That comment made me lol hard xDDDD

      Though I never seen that monster-guy THIS way before.
      I guess I can never see him as a regular enemy again lol

  4. Will the game contain futa enemies?

    1. if so please construct them avoidable :3

    2. This time the game doesn't have any futa enemies.
      It's mainly some monsters, tentacles, and plants.
      And no human-like enemies.
      (well... zombies and ghosts... but no other human-like enemies)

      And if I recall correctly, there are no female enemies either.
      Well... on some enemies it's difficult to tell the gender... they're simply monsters.