Thursday, March 7, 2013

New demo version & vote

After DLSite reported an issue with the game again, I tested the game on several more systems.
But as it turns out, no matter where I tested the game, I never get the reported error.

That's why we need your help!
I opened up a vote, and I want to know for how many people the game runs fine.
(please only vote if you fulfill the system requirements)
So either I find someone to co-op with to solve this issue, or in case (nearly) noone has any issue at all, I can tell DLSite that they should just put it finally on sale.

The more people vote, the better it is.

Here you can find the new demo version:
[Trial ver1.02 eng]

password: prowo

In case you can't download the game, please vote at the appropriate option.
(I've edited the vote once, so it's reseted now, sorry for the inconvinience)
And it would be great, if you would write into the comments what issue you had.
Thank you very much. 

Here is the old version, for anyone who wants to try it out too:
[Old Trial ver1.0 eng]
(don't vote for this one! only for the new one) 

We decided to delete the old version here, to avoid confusion.
(it will be placed into the download section of the blog)

Both with english patch and uncensoring for the CG's that are available in the demo-version.
There is only uncensoring for the CG's, not the ingame graphics.
(you can take a look at the CG's without starting the game, but if you don't want to get spoilered, don't look)

The system requirements are as follows:

2 Ghz
3 GB RAM (Win XP)
4 GB RAM (Win 7)
800 x 600 Resolution

There is a chance that the game runs on weaker systems, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Have fun testing, and please don't forget to vote!


  1. Am I missing something? The zip file has a password.

  2. Thanks, I knew I forgot something...

    The password is: prowo

  3. I was met with an "out of memory" message.

    My laptop has 6GB of memory; checking Task Manager, over 4GB were free.

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  5. So I tested this on a desktop and laptop.

    i7 2.67 Ghz
    12 GB RAM ( Windows 7 Home 64 bit )
    1920x1080 Resolution
    Errors: Out of memory without admin or compatibility changes. List out of bounds error when fiddling with admin and compatibility.

    i5 2.5 Ghz
    4 GB RAM ( Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit )
    1440x900 Resolution
    Comments: Startup was slow but game works without fiddling any settings.

    Hope this data helps

  6. I guess I'm not voting since i didn't meet the requirements but it still runs, my PC:

    Win XP 32 Bit (I live in the past)
    Dual Core 2.7
    2 GB Ram
    Gfx Card Geforce 9500 GT

    I guess the reason it runs is becuase of the Gfx card.

    It took a good minute or so to start but then it ran well, when i closed it it gave me a "send" error, you know, that normal XP error when something crashes, don't know why that would happen. it ranges betwen 20 and 50 CPU usage at 250 Kb Memory usage so far, I guess having CGs unlocked would increase that, but so far way less compsuption than the demo memory wise, CPU is around the same.

    Sorry, i couldn't get far to test more since I suck at the grabs, will give it another try later.

  7. Intel i7 2600k @ 4.0 ghz
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    Nvidia GTX 680

    Attempt Nr. 1

    Prerequisite: Ran the game right after extraction.
    Status: Crashes on startup.
    Error: Exception EListError in module Paperheads_v1.02_trail.exe at 00038EDE. List index out of bounds (1).

    Paperheads using 1.3 gb Ram (1 327 424 Kb)

    Attempt Nr. 2

    Prerequisite: "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service pack 2)"
    Status: Crash on startup
    Error: "Out of memory."

    It seems I cannot get the game to run, the furthest I've gotten the game to run is when i have the game to run at 256 colors. But even then all i get the the Project wolfenstahl PW Logo, and a box which asks if i want to go to 16-bit color, Which then leads to a crash.

    The game takes some time before it crashes, basically when the game loads whatever it loads to reach 1.3gb of ram. Ram Usage increases by 200 mb each second, until it reaches 900 mb, then drops to 700.. and after 1-2 seconds reaches 1300 mb ram and crashes.

  8. Works for me, but then, I have a pretty fast pc, so that may not mean much.

    If you'd like, I could try looking at the GM file, and see if there's anything I could do to reduce the memory. Though I'd understand if you don't want someone poking around it like that.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind offer.
      I've send you a PM on the ULMF board.

    2. Could you be possibly allocating memory via data structures at every step of an object or two? That's the only reason I could think of that would cause such big use of memory. Try checking the parts where you've used data structures such as queues, lists or maps.

      I tried it any it worked just fine for me. Checked the memory usage and it using up to 1.4mK.

  9. Pentium(R) Dual-Core 2.1Ghz
    Win7 32 bit
    4GB RAM
    Errors: Out of memory unexpectet Error occured when running the game

    I hope it help

  10. Can't run the game:

    Exception EListError in module Paperhead_v1.02_trial.exe at 00038EDE.
    List index out of bound (1).

    I5 with 8 gigs of ram under win7 64, hope this helps.

  11. interestingly i even with specs like this I get an 'Out of Memory' Error.

    resolution is 1600x900

    1. popped open my windows task manager and then processes tab, and lets just say, on a scale of conhost to firefox, the game eats more resources than firefox.

  12. Hope this helps too, demo isn't running:

    First run: I've received "Out of memory" message then "Unexpected error occurred when running the game" message.

    After fiddling with compatibility, run as admin, etc. I ran the demo and received the following succession of messages:
    "Paperheads has stopped working..." >> *Force Close* >> Exception EListError in module Paperhead_v1.02_trial.exe at 00038EDE.
    List index out of bound (1).

    Now when I just try running the demo it has been alternating between both outcomes.

    My Computer Specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Intel i7 3770K @3.5 ghz
    8gb ram
    Nvidia gtx 560ti

    Just a note, this comp is brand new (built it a few days ago) so not much room for external conflicts. Also, the game tends to crash when it surpasses 1,000,000K memory in the task manager.

    Best of luck in solving the issue with the game!

  13. Thank you for all the replies, please keep on posting if you run into new issues.

    Does anyone with an ATI graphics card have any issues?

  14. I kinda lost hope...
    To be honest, this game looked quite promising. It's very sad.

  15. -Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1
    -English OS with Japanese system locale and location
    -Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
    -4GB ram
    -Radeon HD 4800
    -500GB SATA HDD

    My PC is very bad but still has no problem running it. I don't understand how a 2D game like this can't be run on some computers...

  16. Maybe its the problem with the language settings, try to use NTLEA or applocale. You can also try changing your computer's location to Japan. It helps some Japanese games to run properly (I couldn't run Shin Matei Toshi by RadicalBlackSmith, got Lua errors. It's been fixed since I changed my system location to Japan)

  17. List out of Bounds Error
    Out of Memory Error when opening multiple instances, because the other ones didn't close themselves after Error Message.

    - Win 7 Professional SP1 64 bit
    - German OS
    - i5-2600k
    - 16 GB RAM
    - gtx 560Ti

    1. Also tried changing OS language, applocale and compatibility options and i still get the list out of bounds Error or Out of memory error. The farthest I got was the wolfenstahl logo followed ba a crash.
      I observed the same behaviour as Totetzu.

  18. works fine for me

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    German OS with Japanese Locale Setting
    Intel i7-920
    ATI Radeon HD5700 Series
    6 GB RAM

  19. hmm doesn't this look rather tilted towards newer Nvidia Graphics? I see no ATI Problems posted. Working on older Nvidia Cards and ATI cards.
    Maybe the Memory Error points to the graphic card Memory as most here have more than enough leftover RAM.

  20. win 7 ultimate K
    intel core i5-3570 cpu 3.40Ghz
    Ram 8G


    "exception EListError in module Paperheads_v1.02_trial.exe at
    List index out of bounds (1)."

  21. Although there's no problem running the game on my PC, I think it rather loads very slowly. Maybe you could optimize it bit better?

  22. CPU : Intel i5-2410M (2.3GHz)
    GPU : Nvidia Geforce GTX 460M / 1.5GB DDR5
    RAM : 8 GB
    Res : 1366*768
    OS : Windows 8 x64 language for non-unicode program set to Japanese

    1st run : after extract the files
    "out of memory" error

    2nd run : Run as Admin...
    "out of memory" error

    3rd run : Compatibility mode of XP SP3 & Win 7
    "out of memory" error

    Both free Memory and Pagefile capacity is more than 4GB

  23. Not a old Nvidia issue.
    CPU: AMD X6 1100T
    GPU: GTX 560 Ti
    RAM: 8 GB
    RES: 1920x1080
    OS: Windows 8 64 bit

    Out of memory when I tried admin, compatibility mode on XP, JAP Locale.

    1. Haha, the problem lies with newer nvidia cards it seems, not with old ones and your GTX 560 Ti does not count as old. xD

  24. I get the error:
    List index out of bounds (1)

    also tried starting it up a few times and also got a few other errors such as:
    out of memory

    I have:
    Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
    8GB DDR3
    Intel i7 860
    Asus Nvidia GTX 460 TOP Edition
    Windows resolution is set to 1920x1080

    1. Also forgot to say, I am running Nvidia drivers 314.07

  25. I´m really sorry, but i can´t find my Pc-Power.
    But i can say:
    The version 0.9b works correctly and the new version 1.02E DON`T work.

  26. I could run the old demo just fine, but this one just crashes on start up. It even made my whole monitor turn off briefly and lag my computer up a bit after that.

    I'm not sure what's changed to make it not run for me... I'm using a NVIDIA driver if that helps any, which seems to be a running problem from my brief skimming.

  27. Yes, somehow the game has trouble to run on certain Nvidia cards.
    I'm going to try something out, but I might need a couple of days to make those changes.

    When I'm done I'll place a new demo version on this blog.

  28. I get this error sometimes when I try to open it

  29. I have reasons to believe that the error comes from how Nvidia handles Direct3D Drawing, as I did get a D3D error while trying to run the game, sadly I did not write down the error as i was tried as fuck at the moment.

    I'm going to test this game on a computer which has the exact same specs as my current computer, only it has an AMD 6800 card. If the error does not occur on that computer, i would have even more reasons to suspect that it's Nvidia related problem, whenever it is D3D causing it or a certain script/language in the game that is causing Nvidia drivers to zap it, I don't know.

    1. It's definitely a Nvidia problem, as the game worked fine on my other computer with the same spec as my main computer which is using Nvidia GTX 680 instead of AMD 6880. But what is causing it? I don't know, must be something in the game code Nvidia doesn't like.

      I've rolled back from the latest to the very first driver available for GTX 680, It had no effect.

  30. Same for me. Nvidia graphics card and it will not run.

  31. Adobe Flash is way better in developing small games like this...
    It's locale free and not restricted by hardware a lot...
    Also the game size will be a lot smaller.

    1. As far as i experienced it flash is rather hardware costly, but then I don't know how GameMaker?, i suppose it is, handles hardware ressources. The biggest Problem probably lies in optimizing the Game, i guess some big images are constantly in Memory, well i won't know until i see the source.

  32. Downloaded it, but it can't seem to load up. I get a Project Wolfenstahl picture thing, it sits and loads for about two minutes, then it says something about index bound 1 or something and does nothing else.