Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thanks for the help! + some thoughts on the next game

First of all, we want to thank all of you for your support and cooperation.
And especially I want to thank Kyrieru for his advice and help, without him I wouldn't have been able to fix this.

The game is now being reviewed by Curious Factory (or DLSite?) once again, and I hope it passes this time.
Anyway, as soon as this happens, I'll post the news on this blog of course.

But lets get to a new topic:
I always mentioned, that we don't want to invest more time (and money) into Paperheads.
So everyone who thinks about this statement can easily guess that we will be working on something new.
(while occassionally fixing stuff on the Paperheads game)

Budget wise, there is no budget currently...
Which means, yes, we can't pay for music or other stuff right now.
And so far, it will all depend on the sales of our last game (Paperheads).

We planned it out as a 2 months project (with the possibility of it taking 3 months, but not more than this).
So if we assume that Paperheads doesn't go on sale, I'm going to have to look for a job.
This would mean that the game won't be finished in 2 months, but well, the ammount of work is still aproximately 2 months full-time, it doesn't get more work, it just gets delayed quite a bit.

What we planned for this 2 month project:
- platformer based gameplay
- strong focus on good and fun gameplay
- graphics in pixel art (small graphics)
- one heroine
- 11 enemy types (all different ones)
- 4 bosses
- 4 stages
- 15 CG scenes with several pictures each, as well as text and backgrounds
(so it's definitely a lot more than 15 CG pictures, and it has story this time)

These things are optional:
- voice for the heroine
- sound effects
- music
(all depending on budget)

And also optional but unlikely:
- hentai sprite animations (unlikely to be implemented)

I don't think that we will apply grabs to this game, but in case we do, it will be different than in Paperheads, I don't want to make it too complicated anymore.
And it shouldn't slow down the gameplay, this time the game should be fast.
(so yes, the heroine you can play is actually quite fast)
At any rate, we might not contain any hentai sprite animations in this game.
Yes, I know that lot's of people like them, but the budget for this game is really tight (well, even "tight" is pretty optimistic, considering the fact that it's pretty much non existent right now), the graphics are really small, and we decided that it's best to skip them this time because the game should be done in 2-3 months.

Hentai sprite animations are really time consuming, and we overdid it with Paperheads, as every enemy type that has had grabs, had an overkill ammount of different hentai animations.
(while looking back, I think that one animation per enemy would have been enough)

On the new game, there is more focus on the (hentai-less) gameplay, as well on the hentai CG-scenes and the text of the CG-scenes.

I would say, that we implement hentai animations on the 3rd game we make (if we even be able to finish the 2nd one we just started), as well as slightly bigger graphics so it's more enjoyable.
(not as big as the graphics of Paperheads, but bigger as the graphics on the new game are)

There isn't much to show yet, but as soon as we get enough stuff together, I'll do a blogpost.
But I think this will be not earlier than 2-3 weeks from now on.
(well, we just started the "real" work this week, the last weeks we planned, learned to do pixel art, etc.)

So yes, the upcomming blogpost will hopefully be finally the release of "Paperheads".
Lets all hope that it will get trough this time.

No the next game won't be a game with our wolfgirls, because I want both of them to be playable in a game.
(we will have only one playable heroine in the next game, so it's going to be someone else)
But maybe it will be their turn in the 3rd or 4th game we make?
(depends on budget, since a game with 2 heroines means twice the work, especially on the CG's)


  1. I just beg you..add stockings to outfit xd stockings always +10 to sexapile

  2. Hmmm

    I've kept an eye on most of the action oriented H-games, and in-game sex is more or less the biggest factor for sales for this genre. To be honest, I think you'd basically be cutting your sales at least in half if you chose not to include any.

    Even if it's only half the enemies and they only have one animation, it's worth the extra work.

  3. Ah, okay, thanks for the information.
    Considering this, I guess we might implement the hentai animations in a similar way like they are in Unholy Sanctuary.
    So they don't directly affect (--> slow down) the gameplay, since they mostly happen when you run out of HP.

    Giving about half the enemies hentai animations, sounds like a good compromise.
    If I'm not mistaken, this should be not more than 2 weeks of work.
    Well, it will work out somehow.

  4. The publishing for this game has not been very smooth... I think some people might have gone upset, more importantly they'll just forget this project. I hope things go flexible next time.

    And for the hentai-spirite thing, Kyrieru is definitely right.

    The only reason people visit sites like this is to fulfil their Deep Dark Fantasies. The experience you can't get from ESRB (a.k.a. bullshit) rated games...

    To appeal these people you need to make it more suggestive and less censored. if you make clean games, there are simply so many better alternatives in the gaming market.

    Indie game market is very small, and for Hentai-Indie games it's even smaller.. Don't forget the potential customers consist of males with not-so-normal sexual values (wonder if there are any females...).

  5. Well, there are still the hentai CG images.
    But I guess that it's good to have both, animations and CGs in a game.
    (since there are people who prefer animations, and people who prefer CGs... and of course people who like both)

    And for your information:
    Almost our entire team consists out of girls.
    And most of my (female) friends have a similar attitude towards hentai.
    Generally I think, that women are far more perverted than men.
    And regarding sexual fantasies or values, well... the world isn't as uhm... "pure and innocent"... as most people think.

    Nearly everyone I know that loves anime, is into at least one "weird" hentai-fetish-what-so-ever.
    So I consider all of the hentai stuff pretty "normal".

    This might sound weird, but well, that's the kind of country I live in, and those are the people I got to know.
    (at least I certainly know, that this is really "normal" in my country for the people of my generation who grew up with anime)
    And no, it's not japan.

    Also this is the reason, why I can freely talk to anyone my age who loves anime, about the projects I do.

    Of course I wouldn't talk with people about this, who don't like anime at all.
    (But well, this is obvious)

    I also think, that people need to stop to seperate likes and dislikes of girls and guys.
    As well as skills, behaviour, intelligence etc.

    For example, I know a whole bunch of girls, who are extremely skilled gamers, and who tend to play videogames a lot.
    (and I'm talking about games that are considered to be "games for guys", well personally I think, that there are no games that are only for guys, or only for girls)

    I also know a lot of girls who love different kinds of hentai, also tentacle-rape and other stuff that might be considered "hardcore" by some people.
    Yeah, this might sound weird, but it's just as I said.
    (at least in my country)

    1. Thanks for the information! I love hearing about cultures other than my own. I also wanted to speak up when that person said your games only appeal to males with less than normal sexual values. In my experience women are also much more aggressive with fetishes and are also more willing to share with others in conversation.